Jan 9

Video: How to Fold Hospital Corners

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Though it’s a daily task some of us may dread (or even avoid altogether), making the bed each morning gives us a space that’s all the more inviting come bedtime. In fact, some research suggests that making your bed every day can actually result in a better night’s sleep – it seems those tidier surroundings contribute to an inner peace. Plus, sliding under crisp, smooth sheets just feels so much nicer than rooting around a jumbled pile of linens trying to find the right covers.

Jan 8

Video: How to Stuff a Duvet

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Luxury hotels and interior designers alike have long considered duvet covers an ideal way to dress beds – and we have to agree. Not only does a duvet cover protect your down comforter and help it to last for years, it also gives you greater decorating flexibility. Simply swap out your existing cover for a fresh one when the seasons change or whenever the mood strikes. Even better, duvet covers tend to be an easy-care option. Since they have no batting or fill, they can usually be machine-washed at home and won’t take up much storage space in your linen closet.

Jan 6

Video: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

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Probably no laundry task is more frustrating than attempting to fold a fitted sheet. Those elasticized edges and the puffy corners they create make it seemingly impossible to achieve a nice, flat fold. If we’re being honest, many of us just give up, wadding the sheet into a misshapen ball, shoving it into the back of the linen closet, and hoping the resulting wrinkles aren’t too bad.

Sep 16

Living Room Design Ideas with Susanna Salk: Geoffrey De Sousa

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Sep 16

Living Room Design Ideas with Susanna Salk: Stephen Shubel

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Sep 16

Living Room Design Ideas with Susanna Salk: A Valorie Hart Room

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Aug 22

Prettiest Fuss-Free Game-Day Flowers

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It’s that time of year again. We’re talking about football season and all the food, family and fun that goes with it. When you plan your game-day food and decoration, make sure to include flowers. Katie Morrow from Southern Living shows us some of her favorite ideas for pretty fuss-free game-day flowers.