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Nov 21

Timeless Style by Suzanne Kasler

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Timeless Style by Suzanne Kasler

This month, we’re making room on our bookshelf for award-winning designer Suzanne Kasler’s new interior design book, Timeless Style. Our copy of her first book, Inspired Interiors, has been endlessly referenced and heavily earmarked by everyone in our office, so it goes without saying, we’re already in love with her latest work.

Sep 26

Q&A with Suzanne: The Holiday Collection

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Green living room decorated for Christmas

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Suzanne. This year, she’s wrapped the holidays in festive tartan plaid, sprinkled them with ice white glitter and topped it all with her magical style. We sat down with our favorite interior designer to talk about her new holiday collection, her inspirations and her go-to decorating tips and tricks for a beautiful Christmas.

Jul 18

Interview with Suzanne Kasler: In Love with Linen

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We’re in the midst of a full-blown love affair with designer Suzanne Kasler’s best-selling line of luxurious linens, available in eight of her signature colors. So much so that we’ve expanded the line to include pillows, panels, tablecloths and cushions to make it easier than ever to layer in soft natural texture in every room. We got together with Suzanne to discuss her linen collection and to find out more about the fabric and its allure.

Mar 13

Suzanne Kasler and Traditional Home talk outdoor decorating

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Mar 3

The Spotlight: Coastal Living, February 2013

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In the press

Coastal Living, February 2013 featuring Ballard DesignsCoastal Living, February 2013 featuring Ballard DesignsCoastal Living, February 2013 featuring Ballard Designs

Feb 7

Step Outside with Suzanne Kasler and Traditional Home

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Traditional Home magazine sat down with Suzanne Kasler to talk about her decorating style.

Sep 27

Q&A with Suzanne on the Holidays

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Award-winning designer, Susanne Kasler, returns for her second Ballard Christmas and she didn’t come empty handed. Last Holiday, Suzanne introduced her incredibly popular line of gift-wrapping papers in all her favorite colors. This year, she’s added colorful ball wreaths to coordinate the signature look. And if that weren’t enough reason to celebrate, she also brought stunning beverage tubs, a new Fir tree with burlap-wrapped ball and a cuddly white collectible bear who answers to the name of “Astor.”