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Aug 2

Furniture Configuration In A Triple Duty Room

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Dear Style Studio,

I’m a homeschooling mom with two kids and we have a great designated space for our “school room.”

However, the room needs to serve several different functions. It is our schoolroom, home office, piano keyboard practice, laundry, ironing, sewing room, craft room, and (when time allows) my mom retreat!

The room is approximately 11-by-11 feet with a door and window to the side yard as well as a door opposite to the hallway.

I have played around with different placements for the homeschool/home-office desks and the sewing desk but it’s so difficult to fit everything in that we need. Plus, we have an extra large whiteboard for school that needs to stay.

The laundry and the sewing desk are opposite the homeschool/office on the long walls (no doors) with floor space in between.

The problem is that we have no space to work together on projects and crafts. If I add a table in the middle, we can’t really negotiate around it and the room feels cramped.

Obviously I can’t move the laundry and sink, but everything else can be (and has been) moved multiple times.

I’d love to decorate with some maps and an ocean vibe. The problem is finding a way to fit everything in so that the room can serve all of its functions and not be totally cramped.



Tamara S 1

Tamara S 3

Tamara S 4


This is the hardest working room in the house so you need a hard working office layout to match.

We suggest our Original Home Office collection as a great option for your space. It has many different layout options so that you can design your own office.

Original Office in Gray

Below we have created a plan for your room. We recommend starting with a Desk Return Group in the middle of the large wall and then add storage pieces parallel to the wall.

Next bring in the Corner Desk Addition to provide an additional work surface near the window. You can customize your base storage according to your individual needs.

Tamara S Layout

Because of the size of the room, it’s a challenge to fit all your activities in there but with the Original Home pieces the results will be the most efficient and flexible for your dilemma.

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

Jun 17

Putting Office Space In The Bedroom

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Dear Style Studio Team,

I am restricted to having my office space in my bedroom.

I am interested in a desk with at least one file drawer and adjoining table space to hold my printer and shredder, although these items could be incorporated into the desk, above or below.

I will also be eventually getting a new bed with headboard and two nightstands with lamps.

Below are two pictures: one from the doorway entrance and one taken with the windows in the back of me.



Bedroom With Office Space

Bedroom With Office Space


Having a working office in a bedroom is very doable when you combine the right pieces with efficient surroundings.

We think the right piece for your space is our San Marino Desk in a Distressed Ochre Yellow. The construction features of this piece will help accommodate your office equipment and all desk essentials can be neatly concealed behind the drop down front!

For your filing we recommend adding a File Storage Ottoman in Zebra Natural Woven. This flexible piece can store files and provide your office seating! It can then tuck neatly beside the desk when not in use! Consider adding one of our Message Boards or a Woven Office Wall Pocket for quickly organizing papers and receipts … organizing tools are always important in home office!

Joanna M Collage 2

We recommend keeping a simple approach when selecting your headboard. We suggest the Camden Headboard in Danish Oatmeal.

Add our Louis XVI Side Tables on each side of your bed. Because space is a bit tight in your room, these efficient little pieces will provide the perfect fit.

The Distressed Gray over White finish on the side tables is a flawless choice to pair with the fabric headboard.

A couple of lamps, like our Ellis Glass Lamps in blue, along with a bit of editing to your current accessories and you will have a beautiful retreat in which to rest!

Joanna M Collage 1

We always love to see “before and after” pictures … we can’t wait to see yours!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team