Jun 3

Tour of Peachtree Heights Gardens

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. We are sure that somewhere close to your hometown there is some sort of neighborhood garden walk. We would highly recommend going. This past weekend, we were able to explore the gardens of a quaint neighborhood in Atlanta called Peachtree Heights East. Although the day turned a little rainy, the beauty of the gardens was lush and filled with colors only nature could create. What a delight!

Each garden was overflowing with wonderful plantings and inviting outdoor spaces. We are always amazed at the ingenuity of people. They seem to be able to transform their yards into outdoor rooms bursting with color and style. Each garden had an idea you could take home. Sometimes it was simply the arrangement of an unusual planter that would catch the eye. While other gardens created perfect lounging alcoves where reading a book on a lazy afternoon, or sipping a glass of wine made you feel you were vacationing in the South of France.

Ballard Designs was honored to provide some of the outdoor furniture for the event. It is always nice to see how someone envisions what they will do with our planters or outdoor furniture. We think we will let the pictures speak for themselves. Maybe the images will inspire you to create that special outdoor space. Just remember it doesn’t have to be elaborate, maybe a container full of purple and white blooms on your deck will be just the touch you need. Nature has a way of making us feel connected and revitalized. Enjoy the tour!

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Posted 6/3/09

May 29

Our next great console?

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Going Green

As is often the case, the iron railing on this luscious Parisian garden balcony stopped us in our tracks.

Wouldn’t the lovely intricate design make a wonderful base for a console?

The most beautiful balconies tend to be a never-ending source of inspiration for us.