Aug 13

How to Decorate with Side Tables

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Despite their small size, side tables are among the most flexible and functional pieces of furniture around. They’re more than just a place to set your drink – these versatile players can provide much-needed storage, serve up food and drink in style, and occasionally, can even pinch-hit as extra seating. Plus, their modest proportions and low price-point makes them an easy way to play around with different finishes, colors and shapes in your decor.  Don’t limit yourself to matching sets – mix and match them throughout your space to achieve exactly the look and utility you’re after. Here are some things to consider when choosing side tables for your home:

Nov 30

Choosing The Right Bar Stools

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I just bought a 5-foot bar for my family room. I put it in the center of the back wall and put up a 36″ mirror behind it. The bar is black granite on the top and the bar is wood. I need to find 2 bar stools that swivel and something to put on the walls or furniture for either side of the bar. I guess whatever I do on one side I have to do the same on the other? I don’t know what to do.

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We have a variety of barstool styles online, but with your bar’s black granite top, we suggest the Chippendale Bar Stool in black. Keep in mind, when choosing the right bar stool, be sure to check the height of the seat for a perfect fit.

As for the walls, it really depends on the current décor in your room. For a more contemporary look, try placing three of our Abstract Artwork Canvases on each side of the mirror, one over the other. If your room is more traditional, place our landscape printson either side.