Oct 4

How to Create Chic Holiday Centerpieces

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Chic Centerpieces: Autumn

Create a simple, chic arrangement in no time. Choose three vessels with dramatic scale, like our Seagrass Hurricanes. For the center hurricane, make a bouquet using flowers that fit the color scheme of your table, such as mini calla lilies. Secure with florist’s tape, cover the tape with our Satin Ribbon and clip the stems so they sit neatly in the vase. For the other two hurricanes, float a few dahlia blooms and candles in water. How easy is that?



Chic Centerpieces: Casual Holiday

If you’re looking for a low centerpiece, our Marble Bowls make a gorgeous base. Start by filling it with ryegrass, which you can grow from seed or buy in flats from your grocery store or florist. Cut a square to fit down in the bowl with a serrated bread knife. Tuck red carnation blooms around the bowl to hide the soil. To finish it off, tuck in evergreen and Hypericum berries. It should last a week if you spritz with water. One of these arrangements works beautifully for a round table, or use three down a rectangular table—it’s stunning!



Chic Centerpieces: Formal Holiday

Create a beautiful, frosty winter look with a sugared fruit display. Our tiered Marble Cake Plates are perfect for showing off your edible arrangement. Start with clean, dry fruit in shades of red and green. Then, paint on orange liqueur with a new, clean brush. Sprinkle fine granulated sugar over half the fruit and let dry for 30 minutes. Turn the fruit over to complete the other side and touch up as needed. Dip rosemary in the orange liqueur and sprinkle with sugar. Once your sugared beauties are ready, arrange on the stand and tuck in the rosemary. Enjoy!



Mar 19

Lame Library

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Lame Library HelpDear Style Studio:

The first floor of our home is very open with a formal living and dining space flanking the large entry foyer. Beyond a staircase is an open family room and kitchen.

Because the living and family areas are so close and also because we are not formal people, we would like to turn the formal living area into more of a well-worn comfortable library and keep the furniture to pieces that are appropriate for reading and having a glass of wine – perhaps two chaise lounges or very comfy chairs with ottomans. We’ve attached a picture of what it looks like today. The children’s things will be making their way down to a soon-to-be-finished basement as will the yellow rocker.

That leaves us with the rug and bookcases – help!


Dear Pamela:

Thank you so much for your recent Design Dilemma regarding your library idea. We think you’re spot on making the living room into a library. It seems to better suit your lifestyle.

Lame Library HelpOur Style Studio Team thinks the Hudson Settee covered in our Sage Check or Toffee Check Fabric would look terrific centered in front of the bay window. Our Morgan End Table with the Jute Covered Demijohn Lamp (available as a kit) and Seagrass Shade placed to the side of the settee would make the space comfortable and less formal. On the other side of the settee, the Hampshire Step Shelf (online only) would be perfect!

We suggest hanging Ballard Essential Panels on the windows (hung below each arch) to coordinate with your choice of check fabric (either Sage Check or Toffee Check), which will both soften your look and provide some noise reduction. Across from the Hudson Settee, place two Paris Leather Chairs and Ottomans in Ponderosa Leather. A Terrific Trio Table with a check cloth in between the chairs with a Burlap Covered Demijohn Lamp (available as a kit) repeating the Seagrass Shade will pull the look together.

Instead of a table in front of the settee, we think the ottomans from the Paris group will work well. Another area we would like to address is the clock above the bookcases. Reposition the clock on either side of the bookcases and use a larger piece in its place. Our choices are the Regency Costume Print or the Pruvost Plaque centered above. Don’t forget to place, not only books in your library, but a few, well chosen accessories to make the bookcases interesting and inviting. Of course, the addition of some comfy Throw Pillows and plants will enhance the overall ambiance.

We applaud you for stepping outside the box and making this space a useful and relaxing area which suits your family. Naturally, we would love to see some “after pictures”.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 3/19/09

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