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9 Tips from our Fall Catalog

Layer art over drapery panels for added texture and drama

In the pages of our catalog, you’ve probably noticed the tips that we include for design inspiration. From the products we sell to the tips we add to our catalog, our goal is to help you decorate your home inside and out to reflect your unique personality! Today, we thought we’d round up all the fun tips from our Summer 2015 catalog.

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Conquer Your Junk Drawer For Good

Organize and conquer your junk drawer

Junk drawers! Everyone has them, and no matter how often we organize and straighten them they’re back to their unkept, impossible-to-find-anything selves in a matter of days. Well, it appears that one of our employees may have solved her junk drawer problem for good. She put our Original Home Office Desk Organizer in her pantry, and voila, all those little things that land in the junk drawer can be sorted, stored, and tidy!

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Get the Look of the Southern Living Idea House

Get the look of the Southern Living Idea House

We’ve been totally smitten with this year’s Southern Living Idea House, designed by our friend Bunny Williams. It’s everything a farmhouse in the countryside of Virginia should be: welcoming, relaxed, and designed around the show stopping pastoral landscape! After taking the tour of the house, we wanted to replicate the gorgeous rooms Bunny to use in our own home. Here’s how we did it:

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Favorites from our Fall 2015 Catalog

Last week, we launched our Fall 2015 collection. Yes, it’s still hot outside, which is all the more reason we’re dreaming about cooler temperatures and cozy evenings by the fire. Our inspiration for this season came in the form of spice! We love to mix this warm, orangey-red hue with our signature spa, teal, and plenty of natural textures to create a layered and welcoming room that you won’t mind hibernating in once winter begins. We’ve also been captivated by the idea of blending glittery, glamorous pieces (like our Bamboo Mercury Glass Lamp) paired with textured materials like natural fiber rugs or our Pascal Rope Bookcase. All in all, that balance of colors and textures is what brings personality and that perfectly-collected feel we’re all digging this season.

Browse all of the items in our new Fall 2015 collection, or find more inspiration by visiting our Pinterest Boards.

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Decorating Dilemma: Amy’s Townhouse

Decorating a townhouse living room

Decorating Dilemmas is a weekly column in which our stylists answer your design questions, so you can tackle your home decorating project with complete confidence.

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3 Ways to Use our Paulette Pantry

Ballard Designs Paulette Pantry

Our favorite products to introduce each season are the ones that we’ve designed to solve a problem. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from our customers about an issue they have in their home and dreaming up a way to fix it. That’s precisely why we’re so excited about our Paulette Pantry Cabinet. This piece has a modest footprint but huge potential for keeping all your pantry items, cookware, serve ware, wine, and other kitchen necessities organized and on hand, but it also has huge potential outside of the kitchen too. In this post, we’ll show you 3 ways to put our Paulette Pantry to work!

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Warming Trends: Our Fall 2015 Collection

Inspiration for our Fall 2015 catalog

When you’re smack-dab in the middle of the dog days of summer, it’s hard to even think about fall. But we think you’ll reconsider once you get a glimpse of the luscious pages of our August-September catalog. While you’re waiting for your copy in the mail, you can read our conversation with Karen Mooney, our Senior Vice President of Brand Management, about the new catalog and some of her favorite fall looks.

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