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10 Ways to Bring Home Seaside Style – the Chic Way!

By |Apr 26, 2016|Decorating, Featured, Summer, Tips & Solutions|1 Comment

How to bring home beach style, the chic way

Don’t we all wish we could live seaside year round? If only there was a way to bottle up the warm weather, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and wonderfully salty smell to bring home with us from vacation. Instead, we thought we’d share how you can infuse your space with some seaside style, without turning your home into the shoes-optional souvenir shop!


Hosting a Bridal Shower with Bunny Williams

By |Apr 25, 2016|Entertaining, Entertaining Experts, Featured, Tips & Ideas, Weddings|0 Comments

Hosting a bridal shower with Bunny Williams and Ballard Designs

“I love bridal showers,” says interior designer and consummate host, Bunny Williams. “Whether or not we all know each other, we all share a common bond. We are all there to celebrate the bride’s wedding, and that makes it special.”

Planning a wedding is a special time for every bride, and for the the friends in her life, there’s no better way to honor her than with a bridal shower. And now that we’re about to hit peak wedding season (June is the most popular month for weddings), we were inspired to recreate a bridal shower for the catalog — and we asked Bunny to help us decorate.


Welcoming Summer 2016 with Bunny Williams

By |Apr 22, 2016|Bunny Williams, Decorating, Design Experts, Summer|0 Comments

Bunny Williams' country house in Connecticut

If you know world-renowned designer Bunny Williams, then you know there’s only one place she’d rather be in the summertime. That would be her beloved New England country house and gardens. Room by room, she has thought of every detail, so her friends, family and other guests can simply enjoy themselves. Lucky for us, she has recreated some of those special touches in her newest collection for Ballard. Below, we chat with Bunny about her collection and how she welcomes summer.


May-July 2016 Paint Colors

By |Apr 21, 2016|Catalog Paint Colors, Decorating, Featured|4 Comments

Paint colors from the Ballard Designs catalog

Because we shoot in real homes, we are not always at liberty to paint the walls. In those cases, we have chosen paint colors that best match the wall color in the photo. Please be aware that color may vary due to various light conditions, finish and other factors.  Therefore, it’s always a great idea to test a paint sample on your wall first. We use Benjamin Moore paint, but most paint stores can match any color.


Decorating Dilemmas: Christine’s Living & Dining Room

By |Apr 20, 2016|Decorating Dilemmas|1 Comment

Decorating Christine's open living and dining room with classic furniture pieces and yellow

Decorating Dilemmas is a weekly column in which our stylists answer your design questions, so you can tackle your home decorating project with complete confidence.


Our Summer 2016 Preview: Bringing Summer Inside

By |Apr 19, 2016|By Category, Decorating, Summer, Tips & Solutions|0 Comments

Summer 2016 inspiration from Ballard Designs

We love to live outside during summer. Who doesn’t? It’s the perfect excuse to take things a little slower and to just enjoy being under the sun with the ones you love. And while a lot of our time and attention is spent on our outdoor spaces, it’s also a great time to focus on the inside of our homes. This summer, when you’re not outside, look for ways to bring summer inside and to create a cool flow from room to room.

That’s exactly what was on our decorating minds when we put together our summer catalog. For more details on how it all came together, we talked to Karen Mooney, Senior Vice President of Brand Management. She also shares her new favorite items.


Summer Must-Do: Picnic in the Park

By |Apr 18, 2016|Entertaining, Outdoor Entertaining, Summer|0 Comments

Summer To Do List: Picnic in the Park

As summer creeps closer (we can almost feel it), it’s fun to daydream about all of the wonderful adventures we can have when the weather is finally warm enough to head outside! And one of things is most surely having a picnic in the park.