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10 Fun Tips from our Holiday 2014 Catalog

Hide your flatscreen TV behind antique shutters

In the pages of our catalog, you’ve probably noticed the tips that we include for design inspiration. From the products we sell to the tips we add to our catalog, our goal is to help you decorate your home inside and out to reflect your unique personality! Today, we thought we’d round up all the fun tips from our Holiday 2014 catalog.

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Fall-Inspired Tablescape from Mandy Kellogg Rye

Fall tablescape with Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we’ve found ourselves thinking more and more about table settings, Fall desserts, and entertaining! This is the perfect time to pull together that well-appointed table just in time for the holidays, so we asked Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha to show us how it’s done. Mandy’s a pro a designing a beautiful table, so we’re thrilled to share this fabulous entertaining space with you! Let’s see how she did it:

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We’re Into: Dalmatian Spots

Dodie dalmation print

It’s no secret we’re smitten with animal prints. And now there’s a new one that’s barking for our attention: dalmatian spots. Like Cruella de Vil, we can’t get enough of this playful pattern. There’s just something so fresh and appealing about those black spots; they’re more imperfect than polka dots, but every bit as bold.

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All in One Space! TV, Living Room and Dining Room

Helping Tina divide her living and dining room

Decorating Dilemmas is a weekly column in which our stylists answer your design questions, so you can tackle your home decorating project with complete confidence.

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Fall Color Palette: Cheetah and Neutrals

Color palette for room with cheetah print

Cheetah is and always has been one of our favorite prints! In fact, one of our most popular fabrics for over 10 years has been a cheetah print! So imagine our delight as we’ve seen cheetah and leopard prints get the attention they deserve trending on the runways and in interior design!

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Two Unexpected Ways to Use a Runner

Pair of rug runners in the bedroom

Let’s pretend we’re playing a word association game, and we give you the term “rug runner.” What word immediately comes to mind? Was it “hallway”? That would be an obvious answer, since it seems runners were exclusively made for those long, narrow spaces. But we think it’s time to step outside of the…um…rectangle and put your runner in an expected place. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to use a runner beyond the hallway.

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6 Printable Place Card Designs for your Bunny Williams Place Card Holders

Bunny Williams place cards and place card holders

With the launch of Bunny Williams’ New Collection, we’re inspired to throw an elegant dinner party! One of Bunny’s must-do’s for a successful dinner party is to put thought into the seating and let her guests know with place cards where they will be seated for the evening. She says it eases confusion and feels thoughtful. To compliment the beautiful place card holders she’s designed as a part of her new collection, we pulled together some place card designs to coordinate. Find all of the printable place card designs, and host your own dinner party in style!

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