Dec 10

7 Ideas for Displaying Holiday Cards

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Holiday Card Display DIY from Oh My Goodness Gracious blog

It happens to all of us: around this time every year, our mailboxes fill up with beautiful holiday cards from the ones we love the most – but we don’t know how or where we want to display them. (You’ve only got so much space on your fireplace mantel, right?) We’ve gathered up 7 ideas from some of our favorite bloggers that are sure to inspire you to try a new and festive holiday card display this season!

Oct 15

How to Paint a Room

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A fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost effective ways to dramatically improve the look of a space. Think of it: a fireplace really becomes the focal point once it’s in front of an accent wall; a bland kid’s room transforms into something playful with a pop of color; a dining room gets a sophisticated upgrade with a darkened ceiling. The right wall hue acts as a complementary backdrop to the furniture you already own.

Oct 7

7 Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Decoupage Photo Pumpkin by Sugar and Charm

Photo courtesy of Sugar and Charm

Yet another reason why we’re swooning for Fall? Pumpkins! From warm pumpkin spice lattès to fragrant pumpkin-scented candles – we’re kind of pumpkin-obsessed.  Then we got to thinking: what are some fun, simple and creative ways to switch up our Fall décor this year? This Halloween, we challenge you to swap your regular carving with a few of these unique ideas. The best part? These no-carve designs will last for weeks instead of days.

Découpage Photo Pumpkin (above)

Aug 2

How To Make a Wall Hanging

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Creating a Wall of Pattern

Fabric wall hanging

In order to hang the fabric to create a wall of pattern, you will need:

Aug 1

How to Create a Tiered Floral Arrangement

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Featuring our Tiered Wire Basket


We’ve lost count of the many delightful ways we’ve used our Southern Living Tiered Wire Basket, from storage to serving and even display. Our latest creative effort, a cut-flower centerpiece, is absolutely stunning and makes a perfect accent for any occasion. Use our instructions below to create your own display full of pretty color, dramatic height and instant presence.

Jun 27

Summer Crafts for Kids

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SS Flower Pots

Summer is (finally!) here, bringing sunny skies, long days, and a welcome break from our usual routines. Carefree summer days can bring something else, too – those dreaded cries of “I’m bored!” from kids used to the daily structure of school. Fight off boredom with these interactive, creative activities designed to keep idle hands busy and young minds engaged, indoors or out. Just right for lazy afternoons or to keep kids occupied at picnics and parties, these projects are easy, affordable, and require minimal adult supervision. Plus, you can find everything you need at your local crafts store.

Mar 14

Creating an Easter Basket – A Family Project

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Finished basket

This is a great family project! Get the kids involved in making their own Easter Basket!