May 3

Video: How to Create an Edible Centerpiece

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According to entertaining expert and style editor, Eddie Ross, creating a mouthwatering crudité platter is all in the presentation. “People eat with their eyes,” he says. “It’s about the wow factor of how it’s served.” So we challenged Eddie to make us a centerpiece-worthy vegetable tray using our Giant Clam Shell.

Oct 5

How to Set Up a Buffet on a Dining Table or Sideboard

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How to Set up a buffet for parties or family gatherings

It’s the season for entertaining, which means if you haven’t already started planning your holiday gathering or family events, you will be soon! As they should, most get togethers revolve around food, so while you don’t have to make things complicated, it’s always important to put some advanced thought into either making or buying something (hey, we aren’t above prepared dishes or catering!) delicious for your guests. The next step is setting up a buffet, which can sometimes feel intimidating.

We’re going to walk you through it, step by step — whether you’re using your dining table or a sideboard!

Aug 1

How to Create a Tiered Floral Arrangement

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Featuring our Tiered Wire Basket


We’ve lost count of the many delightful ways we’ve used our Southern Living Tiered Wire Basket, from storage to serving and even display. Our latest creative effort, a cut-flower centerpiece, is absolutely stunning and makes a perfect accent for any occasion. Use our instructions below to create your own display full of pretty color, dramatic height and instant presence.