Feb 12

Shopping Guide: Natural Fiber Rugs

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A Guide to Natural Fiber Rugs

There are many reasons why natural fiber rugs are a go-to favorite. Jute, sisal and seagrass rugs are easy to care for, affordable and eco-friendly. Their natural, earthy texture makes them amazingly versatile — and a perfectly neutral foundation for any decor. In fact, many designers opt to go au naturel, using a natural fiber rug in nearly every room of a house.

Feb 7

Rugs & Fabrics: Lessons in Layering

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Defining your room’s style is all about layering in a perfect balance of texture, color and pattern. To get you inspired, we’ve paired six of our rugs with great fabric combinations. Imagine applying these fabrics to bed pillows, throw pillows, curtains or bedding. Or pull from the color scheme for wall paint, vases and furniture. Your options are endless.


A traditional rug doesn’t have to define your space. Add in updated prints and colors pulled from the rug for a wonderful eclectic look.

1.) Carlson Rug
2.) Claire Gray
3.) Felicity Spa
4.) Lorenzo Charcoal
5.) Bark Twill
6.) Danish Linen Oatmeal
7.) Natural Microfiber, Bark Twill, Indochine Stone

Traditional Layering