10 Gift Ideas for the Early Bird

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Gift ideas for the holiday early birds

For some, it may be way too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts, but for the early bird, things are already into full swing! We rounded up a few of our favorite gift ideas, just in case you’re ready to start filling up Santa’s sleigh!


Holiday Gift Guide: A Gift to Suit Every Personality

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Gift ideas for the hostess

The most thoughtful gifts are the ones that compliment your receiver’s lifestyle and impeccable tastes. Of course, trying to find that perfect gift can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge, especially with a holiday to-do list a mile long. To make your shopping a little easier this year, we’ve gathered some of our favorite gifts for that special someone in your life. With a little pre-planning, you can get your shopping done early, and enjoy the rest of the holidays.


A Holiday Time-Saver: The Gift Drawer

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Last-Minute Gift Drawer

It’s happened to the best of us: A last-minute party invitation, a forgotten birthday or an overnight guest—and no gift. Whether it’s simply poor planning on our part or truly an unexpected affair that’s popped up, feeling unprepared and rushed to get a gift (any gift at this point) can add stress to our already busy days—and take the joy out of it all.

Fortunately, Vicki, our Creative Production Manager, shared her incredibly sensible solution to this common problem, and it’s sure to save us all from any future embarrassment. She calls it the Gift Drawer. Here’s how it works: dedicate a drawer (a basket or shelf in a closet work just as well, too) to stash a variety of cute, giftable items to match any occasion that may sneak up on you. Brilliant, right? And with the holidays fast approaching, there couldn’t be a better time to start your own gift drawer. Here are Vicki’s top three tips:


Valentine Gift Ideas with Dennis Dean

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Homemade treats make the sweetest Valentine gift ideas. They’re perfect for friends, coworkers, clients and your kids’ teachers. Of course, the presentation can bring just as much delight as the treat itself when packaged in a beautifully embellished container or bag.


Creative Gift Wrapping with Jill Sharp Brinson

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by Jill Sharp Brinson
Creative Director & Stylist
Ballard Designs


As the Creative Director for Ballard Designs, I am always looking for inspirations when it comes to wrapping gifts. Looking all year long for personal and cool ideas to make gift giving special is a trick I learned years as ago as a stylist. I save and collect odd boxes, inexpensive scarves, pieces of fabric, yarn and strings to adorn my special gifts. Each year, by late fall, I come up with a color scheme that feels really relevant to me and carry it out as my color story for the gift-giving season.

This year, I’m feeling bright pink and orange in a BIG way. I’ve saved ribbons, cards, fabric bits and bobs to make all of my gifts feel uniformly crazy and fun!

Sometimes, I just wrap a beautiful container as the gift – I think what we all crave this time of year is not more stuff, but an acknowledgement that you think someone is special. It’s in that spirit that I choose to give a gift.

Have other creative gift wrapping ideas? Share them in the comments below.


How to Make a Bow

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Whether embellishing a wreath or topping a gift, a beautiful bow adds the wow factor in any presentation. Making your own bows is easier than you might think. Watch our quick video or read below for step-by-step instructions on how to make a bow.


Gift Giving Made Personal… and from the Heart by Christine Eisner

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People talk about the art of gift giving, but the good news is that you don’t need to be a Picasso (or a Trump) to show someone that you care. Gifts from the heart have less to do with money than with the thought that goes into selecting them. Even better, “heart gifts” are the ones that will stay off the re-gifting merry-go-round!