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Jan 23

How to Create a Focal Point in Any Room

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Black and white living room with metallic gold

Every room needs a focal point — it’s a basic design principle. Your eye needs somewhere to land, and a focal point draws you into a room. But if you’ve got a big empty canvas, how to you create one in your space? We’ve got some ideas.

Jan 20

Feature Friday: 2016 Flashback

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Wraparound porch at the Southern Living 2016 Idea House in Mt. Laurel outside Birmingham, Alabama

Alright, we’re about to get a little sentimental here. 2016 flew by in the blink of an eye, and we want to look back and share some of our favorite memories. From show houses to publication covers to store openings, Ballard Designs had another great year!

Jan 17

Podcast Episode #7: Stylist & Author Annette Joseph

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Stylist, Author, and Entertaining expert Annette Joseph sat down the How to Decorate podcast

This week on the podcast, we’re talking with stylist, entertaining expert, author, and workshop master of ceremonies, Annette Joseph. Annette does it all and makes it look so easy. We sat down to talk about the villa in Italy she’s renovating, her workshops, how she got into styling, and so much more!

Jan 12

7 Ways to Use our Serengeti Leopard Print

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7 ways to use our Serengeti leopard print fabric from Ballard Designs


We’re not shy about proclaiming our love of animal print, but our new favorite print is our Serengeti fabric. It’s easy to work into your space because it looks fabulous on so many different pieces. Today, we thought we’d share 7 ways we’ve used our Serengeti print to make a statement in a room:

Jan 9

10 Ways to Start Decorating a Room from Scratch

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Ballard Designs Winter 2017 collection

For our Decorating Dilemmas column, we can’t even count the number of times we’ve gotten this question: “I just moved into my new home, and I have no idea where to start!” That’s because decorating a room completely from scratch is intimidating! You have no where to start and yet so many choices to make. We pulled together some easy jumping off point so you can start decorating your room from scratch:

Jan 6

Why You Need to Balance Light and Dark Pieces in Your Room

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Balance light and dark pieces in your space to give your room movement and personality

Open any decorating book or magazine, and you’ll probably hear a lot about wanting the eye to move around your space. That movement makes a room interesting, makes you want to take in all the details, walk through the space, and oftentimes, the pieces that give a room movement are also the ones that give it personality. One great way to bring movement to your room is to balance the light and dark pieces. This decorating principal is a must-do which is why we’re discussing it today!

Jan 5

Our Winter 2017 Preview: Unleashing Your Inner Decorator

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In our winter 2017 catalog, we want to help you unleash your inner decorator

Once the decorations from the holidays are down and you’ve welcomed a new year, it’s the perfect time to turn a fresh eye to your home. What do you love about it? What would you like to change? Where do you turn for inspiration? To help you answer those questions and more, we chatted with our Senior Vice President, Karen Mooney, about becoming your own decorator, the very best trends we love and her absolute favorites from our Winter Catalog.