Mar 31

4 Ways to Put a Desk to Work

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A desk used as a nightstand

The days of letter writing may be long gone, but the desk will always remain an essential piece of furniture. No matter it’s purpose or where it may be stationed, a desk keeps us organized amid the everyday chaos. And though it’s certainly a practical piece of furniture, it can also be a very stylish addition to any room. Here are four ways you can put a desk to work in your home.

Dec 16

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Console

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Console tables are great multi-tasking furniture pieces

You may not know it, but one of the most functional and versatile pieces in your home is the console table. It has just the right proportions, storage and display to work in virtually any room. The trick in adapting a console table to any setting is starting with a great design and neutral finish. All that’s left is styling it to fit the needs of the space — and suddenly you’ve brought new life to a piece that perhaps you’ve long overlooked.

Apr 3

One Room, Two Uses: How To Have a Home Office in a Guest Room

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Should you craft a functional home office that meets your every business need, or should you allow the comforts of prospective guests dictate the room’s design?

Dec 19

Creating a Home Office in the Bedroom with Susanna Salk

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Maybe it’s our winter nesting instincts kicking into high gear, but there’s been a lot of talk around the office about creating the perfect bedroom office. If you don’t have the room for a dedicated workspace—and many of us don’t—the bedroom is the next best place.

Sep 19

How we “Office” right now by Jill Sharp Brinson

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Loving how your workspace looks is just as important as how it works. The better it looks, the more you’ll want to use it, right? Every work station needs a desk, a chair and lighting. Here are a few simple tricks I use to make an office feel less like work and more like a place you really want to be.