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Mar 21

5 Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

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Tips for bringing style into the laundry room

Laundry rooms are a place where we spend more time than we realize. Whether you’re swapping loads, sorting lights and dark, or folding freshly laundered linens, you probably spend a good amount of time in this space, so it deserves a little attention, just like the rest of your home. Inspired by this laundry room from our Spring 2014 catalog, we thought we’d share our favorite laundry room decorating ideas for giving this hardworking space a little extra pizzazz.

Mar 20

4 Ways to Hang Art Above a Console

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4 different looks with wall decor

We’ve shown you how to get the most out of your console in any room, but not what to do with the empty wall space above it. Here are four simple ways to decorate above your console to create a welcome focal point.

Mar 10

7 Unexpected Places to Hang Art

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Lean art up against a wall for an unexpected look

Not only does the art you display in your home add instant interest, it also serves as a reflection of your distinct personality and style. So whether you have a framed concert poster, original canvas art or a statement-making mirror, you should display it proudly. And if you’re bored with traditional wall hanging arrangements or simply lack the wall space, check out our ideas for unexpected places to hang your wall decor.

Feb 27

How to Group Artwork

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How to group art pieces on a wall

With the fear of putting lots of tiny nail holes all over your wall, we know it can sometimes be daunting to hang a gallery wall or collection of art pieces in an empty space. But with a few tips below, you can feel confident about grouping together your favorite pieces for an impactful collection, just like you see in our catalogs.

Feb 18

What is a Giclée?

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Learn about art giclees

Whether you want to create a gallery wall or hang one large statement-making piece, you don’t have to break the bank to invest in beautiful, inspiring works of art in your home. What if we told you that you can own the next best thing to the original at a fraction of the price? The answer lies within a giclée print.

Jan 13

Welcome Back, Wallpaper!

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Striped wallpaper in a room

Wallpaper is back in a big way, and it’s better than ever. From traditional toile and classic stripes to bold geometrics and leopard prints, wallpaper can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. That amazing “wow” factor is precisely why we’re so excited to launch our very own wallpaper collection, says Karen Fleenor, Ballard Designs Merchandise Buyer.

May 8

Spotlight On: Document Drawings

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Document Drawings

The story behind our American folk art prints

The charming depictions of animals and colorful washes of color over script immediately caught our eye at market. Then we learned the history behind these fanciful works of art and simply fell in love with what they represent at heart: the purity of the human spirit.
Document Drawings
During the Great Depression, the Mennonites of Lancaster Pennsylvania created their own expression of Ledger Art, a practice originally associated with the 19th century Plains Indians.

Frugal artists tore pages out of old agricultural and small business ledgers dating as far back as 1812 and used them as canvases for their art.

Ink drawings of whimsical figures of birds, cats and lions are painted atop these scripted sheets, creating an austere mix of words, numbers and images.
Document Drawings
The very neat calligraphy is artful in of itself, and paired with the bright pops of color, represent a richness in character the Mennonites denied themselves in their everyday life and attire.

In fact, the artists of these works remain anonymous, and many say the modest and humble Mennonites would have preferred it that way.
Document Drawings
Wonderful examples of American folk art, our Document Print reproductions are delightful and imaginative and created in an honest, almost childlike manner.

We believe these colorful images of the animal kingdom are proof of the need for people to express joy in the world through art, no matter the means.