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Two Unexpected Ways to Use a Runner

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Pair of rug runners in the bedroom

Let’s pretend we’re playing a word association game, and we give you the term “rug runner.” What word immediately comes to mind? Was it “hallway”? That would be an obvious answer, since it seems runners were exclusively made for those long, narrow spaces. But we think it’s time to step outside of the…um…rectangle and put your runner in an expected place. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to use a runner beyond the hallway.


Pet Proof Your Space with an Outdoor Rug

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Outdoor rugs are great for pets!

Pet owners rejoice! If your beloved best friend has a habit of soiling rugs, we’re here to the rescue! This was the dilemma for one of our Assistant Buyers for Dining & Kitchen, Maryanna.


Shopping Guide: Natural Fiber Rugs

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A Guide to Natural Fiber Rugs

There are many reasons why natural fiber rugs are a go-to favorite. Jute, sisal and seagrass rugs are easy to care for, affordable and eco-friendly. Their natural, earthy texture makes them amazingly versatile — and a perfectly neutral foundation for any decor. In fact, many designers opt to go au naturel, using a natural fiber rug in nearly every room of a house.


Our Love for Oushak Rugs

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oushak_rugs_2Although Oushak rugs (pronounced ooh-shack) date back to the 15th century, the style is as chic as ever – and has become the rug of choice for many of today’s designers. Originating from a Turkish town in the Anatolian Region called Usak, the ancient flat-woven rug possesses a versatility with a perfect blend of old and modern that seems to work in any style interior – which is exactly why the style is so popular. Throw down an Oushak, like our Valentino Rug (pictured above), and you’ll add instant polish without the fuss.


4 Reasons to Use Outdoor Rugs Indoors

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Using outdoor rugs indoors

The reason we love using our indoor/outdoor rugs on a porch or patio is obvious: these super durable, stain- and fade-resistant rugs instantly transform an outdoor space, creating the finished look of an outdoor “room.”


How to Choose the Right Size Rug

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Learn how to choose a rug size

One of the things we always say here at Ballard is: when decorating a room, start with a rug. A rug provides the perfect foundation of color, texture and style on which to build your room’s design. Choosing the look is only part of the challenge, though – you also need to know how to choose the right size rug.


Swatch Watch: Pairing Our Favorite Rugs & Fabrics

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You can instantly take your room’s décor to the next level when you learn how to effortlessly weave together texture, color and pattern. To show you how, we picked four of our best-selling rugs and paired them with fabrics and artwork to create a winning combination that you can easily recreate in your own home.

1.   Lauren Rug: Danish Linen Oatmeal, Queens Velvet Leaf, Ashford Paisley, Moroccan Stripe
Artwork: Set of 2 Orchid Song Floral

Lauren rug mix