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Dec 29

3 Dreamy, Winter Bedrooms

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3 dreamy winter bedrooms designed to inspire a bedroom refresh in your home

Here at Ballard Designs, we base our decorating philosophy on one principal — having a space that reflects your personality. We spend the majority of our lives at home, so why shouldn’t it feel comfortable, inspiring, functional, and reflective of who you are? Often people neglect the rooms guests never see (like bedrooms), and we get it. But what a shame! We want to inspire you to turn your own master bedroom into a dreamy space that’s meant to make you happy and refreshed to take on the world.

Aug 1

How to Arrange Pillows on Your Bed

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How to arrange pillows on your bed

Bedrooms can be a tough place to decorate — especially when it comes to making a beautiful bed. There are just so many options for bedding and so many ways to make your bed! One aspect of bed making that we’re ready to demystify is the bed pillows. There really aren’t many rules, but we do think certain arrangement work better than others. See our suggestions below for how to arrange your pillows:

Jul 28

14 Ways to Mix & Match Your Bedding

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8 ways to mix and match our neutral bedding pieces

If you love to flip through our catalog, you’ve probably noticed that we love to mix and match different bedding collections together. It’s a fun way to bring pattern and personality into your bedroom, without creating a busy space where your mind won’t be able to rest. That’s why when we’re designing our bedding collections, we take care to coordinate all of the colors so they can work together.

Check out all the different ways our pieces mix together!

Jul 7

15 Neutral Bedrooms That Are Anything But Boring

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Neutral bedrooms that are anything but boring

You know, neutral gets a bad rap. It’s always accused of being bland and boring, but we beg to differ! With the right mix of proportions, patterns, and neutral tones, gray, white, and even beige can be seriously stunning. We’re sharing 15 different bedrooms that may not be filled with color, but certainly can’t be called boring.

Apr 28

3 Super Chic Summer Bedrooms

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Neutral bedroom with pink accents and a beachy vibe

When we think of summer, we think of a slower pace. Enjoying the weather from your front porch, afternoon walks, sleeping in just a bit later (one can only hope!), reading in bed. We want all of those places for relaxation, especially bedroom, to feel inviting, light, open, and carefree. We thought we’d pull together 3 pretty bedroom spaces that capture that casual, chic summer vibe. Here goes: