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Patricia Palermo has been writing about home décor and design since 1999, which is when she first learned the term faux bois. She's passionate about helping others find their design style, because she believes with a little know-how and inspiration, anyone can decorate with confidence. Patricia has a degree in Journalism and lives in Atlanta with her husband and four-year-old twins.

We’re Into: Fretwork

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Lily Console from Ballard Designs

In the world of design, a “trend” often can have deep-seeded design roots that trace back hundreds, and even thousands of years. It certainly holds true for one hot design that’s trending now — fretwork. The interlaced decorative design has been on the scene for 3,000 years — it was first discovered on Egyptian furniture removed from sealed tombs — and has spanned the globe in its influence in art and architecture.


Comparing Outdoor Furniture: Which material is right for you?

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Thinking about buying new patio furniture? Enjoy your outdoor living space to its fullest potential by finding the perfect design and materials to match your style and climate. Here’s our take on the most popular types of outdoor furniture.


Help With Staircase Wall Display

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I was thinking of purchasing the large Typesetter Plaques to spell out LOVE. I was thinking black letters and then placing them vertically on the wall. I was then going to add B & W family photos in black frames (different size frames) around the letters. I was wondering if that would be too much for that wall? Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks!


Not at all! Expressing such a heartfelt sentiment alongside cherished photos is a beautiful idea – and will make a great graphic statement. It’s all in the execution.

Below, we created a rough layout that will be a good starting point for you. What do you think?

Happy decorating!



Help With Finishing Our Parlor

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photo (17)

photo (18)

photo (21)

We have decided to change our dining room into a parlor. It is small and I am not sure what type table to put in the room or what type light fixture.

Also, we are thinking of putting some type of bar cabinet in the room.

In the dining room how big should the chandelier be?

Any idea or help would be great!



We love what you’ve done so far! At first glance, it looks as if you could move your furniture in closer together to create a more intimate seating area and minimize the space between seat and table. We think the Bornova Coffee Table would look great in the space. The round shape breaks up the squared-off shapes of the seating and even the room itself, while the rivet details echo the detailing on your club chairs. Now, the only thing missing in this arrangement is a small accent table between your club chairs. Our Metallic Garden Seat or Addison Tray Table would be a perfect fit.

Updating your chandelier is a great idea. We suggest one of our favorites, Cosette 6-Arm Chandelier or Laurenza 8-Light Chandelier.

Finally, it looks like you have room for a bar on the wall opposite the windows. The Jill Bar Cart is perfect if you want something small and versatile. Otherwise, we think the Ananda Serving Table would look great. Group barware and liquor on stylish trays and add a pair of lamps for a finished look.

Happy decorating!

parlor bornova

parlour addison




Tall Ceilings, Large Wall Space

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Tall Ceilings

We have very tall ceilings on our main floor and I need a statement piece above some French doors that will help fill in the space. I don’t know if one giant piece would do the trick or if a grouping of pieces would be better. Help!


At the moment, we’re in love with hanging multiples of anything for greater impact. If you get our catalog (and we hope you do!), take a look at page 32 of February’s “Color” issue. We hung three of our Electric Horse Giclee Prints side by side. What do you think? You could also do this with our Garden District Mirrors to create windows of reflected light.

Happy decorating!

Garden District Mirrors

Garden District Mirrors •WM420

Electric Horse Giclee

Electric Horse Giclee •WD730



Decorate a Large Wall Over a Sofa

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Wall photo


Chair and Sofa

Wall with sofa

I need to decorate the large space above my couch in the living room. The couch is 110 inches so the space is pretty big.

This space use to be filled with a large antique window frame I used as a shelf and decorated with various items. The wood frame is too heavy for the wall, so I had to take it down.

I’d like to fill the space with a collection of three items since I like groupings better than single pieces of art. I don’t think I can use a mirror because there is already a large, round mirror at the other end of the room.

I’d like some suggestions on how to decorate this wall over my couch. I’ve included photos from every angle of the room, so you could get an idea of the layout and other decorations.



Since you prefer a set of three, the first thing that came to mind was our Whimsical Prints or Antique Aviary Giclee Prints. Similar in nature, either set would look great above your sofa while fitting in with your existing décor. Another option is the Paysage De Coquelicots Triptych Giclee, which reads as one large piece. Our Custom Soliloquy Prints would look nice in your space, too. They’re larger in size, so the set of two would work nicely. What do you think?

Happy decorating!

Antique Aviary Giclee Prints •WD552


Paysage De Coquelicots Triptych Giclée •WT251


Custom Soliloquy Giclee Prints •WD254


Artist Spotlight: Q&A with Adele Sypesteyn

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Take one look at our catalog or website and you can see how much we love Adele Sypesteyn’s abstracts and horse photography. We sat down with Adele to discuss her inspiration and her work.