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Summer 2016 Desktop Wallpaper

By |May 24, 2016|Decorating, Tips & Solutions|0 Comments

Summer 2016 desktop wallpaper with Maya Angelou quote

There’s something about summer that feels so nostalgic. We think about hot concrete at the neighborhood pool, the feel of drippy sand at the beach, the smell of sunscreen. Those wonderful sights, sounds, smells, and tastes make us crave summer, especially when it’s so close but still a few weeks away. One way we’re getting ready for those lazy summer days is with a new desktop wallpaper! Are cat-eye glasses not another one of those classically summer items?


8 Resort Chic Accents for Your Home

By |May 23, 2016|Decorating, Summer, Tips & Solutions|0 Comments

Infuse your home and outdoor space with resort chic style that transports you to the tropics!

When we’re dreaming up the catalog, we like to hone in on one theme or vibe and let that guide the color palette, furniture choices, and accessories in the space. This summer, we were really digging this retro Palm Beach/Resort Chic thing. We were loving super saturated colors, bamboo accents, raffia, palm motifs, kelly green, vibrant pink, and anything that comes to mind when you think about that glamorous vacation look. We really like to make a statement in our catalog and go all out, but this feel is really easy to bring home in more subtle ways, too. Here are our favorite ways to get the look (without going full-on movie set):


Artist Spotlight: Rick Reinert

By |May 20, 2016|Art, Decorating, Wall Decor|0 Comments

Ballard Designs Exclusive Artist Rick Reinert

As part of our Exclusive Artist Program, we’re collaborating with a handful of independent artists whose work can only be found in galleries to bring their creative vision to our customers. They create artwork exclusively for us — you won’t find these pieces anywhere else — and you get to enjoy the next best thing to original art at an affordable price.

Charleston artist and gallery owner Rick Reinert‘s distinctive style has captivated us from the moment we laid eyes on his large-scale paintings. Featuring the iconic southern landscape and architecture of his celebrated city, his oil paintings exude warmth and energy, thanks to his signature quick, thick brushstrokes that mimic the great impressionist masters.


Get the Look: Blue & White Home Office

By |May 19, 2016|Decorating, Get the Look, Tips & Solutions|0 Comments

Get the look of this chic, blue and white home office from Ballard Designs

We love highlighting our favorite rooms from the catalog. So much thought and planning went into these spaces, that we aren’t quite ready to let it go!


Decorating Dilemma: Kim’s Family Room

By |May 18, 2016|Decorating Dilemmas|2 Comments

Decorating a long, narrow family room with two separate areas

Decorating Dilemmas is a weekly column in which our stylists answer your design questions, so you can tackle your home decorating project with complete confidence.


8 Simple Ways to Punch Up Your Outdoor Room

By |May 17, 2016|Decorating, Featured, Outdoor Living, Outdoors, Summer, Tips & Solutions|0 Comments

Wicker sectional with white cushion and patterned pillows on a covered porch

You’ve got all the makings of a great outdoor space for entertaining, but it’s feeling a little lackluster after the long winter. Sound familiar? Giving your space a quick, budget-friendly pick-me-up is as easy as adding a few decorative elements — and you’ll be ready for deck and patio party season in no time. Check out a few of our favorite ideas below.


What To Do When Your Home Doesn’t Have ‘Good Light’

By |May 16, 2016|Decorating, Featured, Tips & Solutions, Window Treatments|0 Comments

What to do if your room doesn't get good natural light?

If you’ve ever flipped through a magazine or pinned a photo on Pinterest, you’ve probably oogled over big, bright open rooms with sunlight streaming in and what seems like this incredible glow throughout the space. These are the rooms we all pine after and try to create in our own homes, but there’s one very important element you may not be accounting for — lighting. In most magazine spreads and virtually every image on Pinterest, each room has been professionally lit by a photographer to create that beautiful open, airiness. So what do you do if your home doesn’t have tons of natural light and you still want to capture that feel?