Art pieces that can hang together, either on the same wall or in the same room

One of the fastest ways to inject personality into your space is to hang art, and often times, we love hanging art together with other pieces to create a gallery wall. While there aren’t really any rules to creating a gallery wall, there are a few foolproof ways to make sure your pieces coordinate. Often, we use color as our guidelines.

In today’s post, we’ve pulled lots of different art pieces that work together, either on the same wall or just in the same room.

Spa blue art pieces for your wall

Spa has always been one of our favorite colors and the reason is because it complements so many different palettes. Any neutral colors scheme, dark blues, browns, greens, and even warmer color like yellow or orange.

When you’re choosing art pieces to hang together, consider incorporating different types of pieces in your space. If you already have an art piece that’s more traditional, like a pair of botanical prints, consider bringing in something with a completely different feel, like an abstract piece.

Hang art pieces together that coordinate

Choosing one dominate color is one easy way to make sure that all of the pieces in your room or on the same wall will complement each other. Here, we chose a dark navy. Each piece has navy in it, but the frames, sizes, and subjects all vary. 

Pink art pieces that can hang together

Another way to create a cohesive story with your art? Choose pieces with a similar theme or subject but reinterpreted in different ways. Most of these art pieces have a more tropical, natural vibe, but they each have a totally different style and feel.  

Choose art pieces that can hang together

Dont’ forget about mirrors, wall plaques, and clocks. In every gallery wall or room, we like to have a mixture of all three — several art pieces, at least one mirror, and a third piece like a shelf or clock. The variety keeps things interesting and ensures your pieces won’t compete with each other.

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