Decorate your bedroom with an all over pattern like our watercolor herringbone

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

We’ve given a lot of love to white walls, and while they do make a great backdrop for art and furniture pieces, we’ve got a lot of love for dark walls too. Almost like magic, they turn a room into a cozy cocoon and set off interesting furniture shapes beautifully. But painting your walls dark gray or brown is scary. It feels like a big commitment, but they can be very powerful! Today, we’re proving that there’s no reason to fear a dark wall:

Home office with dark brown walls and light furniture

Benjamin Moore’s Rural Earth

We love the way light furniture foils the dark, moody wall color in this home office. Plenty of soft, light accents make sure this space doesn’t turn into a dreary cave!

Dark gray wall color from Ballard Designs catalog

Benjamin Moore’s Stormy Sky

This dark gray is cool, but linen accents and a rug with touches of oranges warm up the icier undertones and make sure the room feels balanced.

Dark brown living room from Ballard Designs

Benjamin Moore’s Clinton Brown

Mirrors are a great way to make your space feel bigger, and we love the way they bounce light around this room with a dark chocolate paint color.

Dark gray walls prove that they can be swoon worthy

Benjamin Moore’s Northwood Brown

This dark gray has a touch of brown in it, which gives it a warmth that a cooler color wouldn’t have had. Pair it with plenty of light accents to create a space that feels balanced and welcoming.

Helena Bedroom collection from Ballard Designs

Benjamin Moore’s Clinton Brown

Chocolate brown complements icy blues. The dark color makes the silhouettes of the bed, nightstand, and dresser pop off the wall, emphasizing their shapely curves.

Our Louisa Metal bed lined with sheer linen tie top drapes

Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue

Leave it to Suzanne Kasler to turn a dark, navy bedroom into a light, bright sanctuary. She takes her signature color — white — and creates a summery bedroom we certainly wouldn’t mind sleeping late in.

Brown walls behind a whitewashed wooden headboard from Ballard Designs catalog

Sherwin Williams’ Otter

How cozy is this bedroom? The all-white bed is like a beacon calling you toward it, especially in front of a dark brown wall color.

Home office with a moody feel from Ballard Designs

Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal

We love the way the charcoal gray wall color of this home office ups the ante of red accents. Add in rustic wood tones, and you have a seriously cozy spot where you can hunker down and churn out some work.

Dark gray sets of a gorgeous honey brown cabinet from Ballard Designs

Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal

A dark gray sets of the honey tones of this antique-inspired sideboard. We love the way cognac and a cool gray work together in this industrial chic space.

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