Our bedding guru answers your questions and shares the secrets behind a catalog-worthy bed

This week, we are interviewing our own bedding expert, the stylist that makes all of the beds in our gorgeous rooms, Beth Mars Dean. You probably never knew a bedding stylist exists, but she’s the lady that makes sure all of our beds look picture perfect and snooze worthy. For all of your bedding questions answered, be sure to listen to this episode!

What You’ll Hear on the Show:

  • The most recent catastrophe that happened with our photoshoot
  • The surprising amount of time it takes to make a bed for one of our photo shoots
  • All of the extra things Beth adds to her beds that you wouldn’t normally use
  • From start to finish, how Beth makes a gorgeous catalog-worthy bed
  • Whether all of us make our beds every day, what the nation-wide average is, and what percentage of our How to Decorate readers make their beds everyday
  • How many pillows each of us have on our beds
  • What Beth’s bed looks like and how she makes it every day
  • How Beth became a bedding stylist
  • How you can create a luxurious bed in a realistic way

Decorating Dilemmas:

Orange is my favorite color, but I have trouble coming up with other colors that work well with it. I have a duvet that has an orange greek key border. What else can I pair with it so it won’t look random?

Lydia, there are all sorts of colors that would work well with your orange bedding. Almost any shade of blue would work well because orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, so they complement each other. Go for another pattern, like a paisley, to contrast the greek key. Karen suggests finding an inexpensive sham set that has both orange and another color in it. Then, use the secondary colors in that sham to draw your color inspiration.

I hate making my bed everyday, but I’m trying to be better. How can I style my bed so it’s more streamlined and doesn’t feel like so much work in morning?

Just focus on smoothing out the sheets tightly to the top of the mattress. Beth suggests not focusing on tons of pillows and instead just pull your sheets and quilt up to the top, and you’ll be fine. No need to pull everything off.

How many throw pillows are too many on a bed? –Melinda

We admit they all four of us have around 8 pillows on the bed (including the ones we actually sleep on), but we admit that if your pillows start to come down your bed halfway that’s too many. Around one third the way down your bed is a reasonable amount.

Any creative solutions for making the pillows and throws look good in the bedroom, just in case, you know, for some STRANGE reason the bed doesn’t get made every single day? -Greg

Maybe get a basket where your pillows can live when you’re in the bed. That way if you don’t make your bed in the morning, the pillows are neat in the basket. You could also put them on a bench at the end of the bed.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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