Decorator and blogger Erika Ward shares her knowledge with us

This week on the podcast, we sat down with Erika Ward of Erika Ward Interiors. After majoring in finance and working in the corporate world several years, Erika decided to follow her passion and start her interior design business. She gives us the whole scoop on her business, decorating pet peeves, and answers your decorating questions!

What You’ll Hear on the Show:

  • Erika talks about why she went into finance and eventually transitioned into designing full time
  • How Erika balances classic design with a modern aesthetic
  • Why you need to incorporate color into your room
  • Why it’s so important for her and her clients to understand each other
  • Why her biggest challenge in design work is educating her clients
  • What’s so important about the ‘shell’ of a room
  • What decorating mistake she made in her own house
  • What surprised Erika when she came to one of our catalog shoots

Decorating Dilemmas:

My windows are eleven foot high I was wondering if I were to go with shutters on the bottom part of the window and drapes on the top would that look good? –Blanca

Erika’s suggestions is to fully commit and to use both the shutters and the drapery panels. The two together will turn your window into a focal point in the room, which is what an 11 foot tall window needs to be. So yes! Shutters on the bottom and full length drapes.

How do you mix furniture shapes and heights cohesively?

Why you need extra shelves for your kitchen cabinetsWhy you need extra shelves for your kitchen cabinets

Show Notes:

  • Taryn talks about using the Pheasant plates she painted for her Thanksgiving table
  • Above are the photos of my host, Nancy’s pantry and cabinets that were my “Triumph.” Notice how each shelf is just tall enough to hold what lives on that shelf and she has more shelves than would come standard with your cabinets
  • This is the cabinet Karen brought home for her bathroom — only to find out it didn’t fit!
  • We talk about our Decorating Dilemmas series and our Design Solutions team

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Happy Decorating!

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