How to arrange pillows on your bed

Bedrooms can be a tough place to decorate — especially when it comes to making a beautiful bed. There are just so many options for bedding and so many ways to make your bed! One aspect of bed making that we’re ready to demystify is the bed pillows. There really aren’t many rules, but we do think certain arrangement work better than others. See our suggestions below for how to arrange your pillows:

When picking out your pillow arrangement, the size of your headboard is important to consider. You never want your pillows to come up over your headboard, so a lower headboard requires arrangements with a shorter profile. Likewise, taller headboards most likely will need euro shams or at the very least standard shams with a thick flange.

We typically like for pillows to come up two-thirds of the headboard, leaving one-third of the headboard exposed at the top. You’ll also want the pillows to stretch the entire length of the bed.

Now, which one do you like best?

Simplest suggestion for arranging your pillows

Sleek & Simple

Let’s talk about the simplest option. If you’re the type that doesn’t like having a ton of pillows to arrange in the morning, go the hotel route, and stack four standard pillows horizontally for a sleek, simple arrangement. We used two standard shams from our Lucca Velvet Trim Bedding stacked on top of two standards in sheet pillowcases.

One note about this arrangement, we typically think this looks nicest when you have a lower headboard. Our Isabella Bed has a pretty tall headboard, so we don’t love this look on this bed. It would look great on our Camden which has a lower profile.

Stack for standard pillows vertically for a simple look

Classic & Minimal

As we mentioned above, if you have a tall headboard, laying pillows horizontally will feel disproportionate. We like pillows stacked vertically on a bed with a tall headboard. The two outer pillows have standard shams that match the duvet at the end of the bed, and the standard pillows in the back are in simple sheeted pillow cases.

Stack for standard shams and add an accent pillow

Classic With Style

For this arrangement, we chose standard shams in our Lucca Velvet Stitched Bedding which matches the quilt. This sham makes more of a statement than the coordinating shams in the duvet collection, and the stitched flange at the edges means it stands up a bit taller, which works well for this tall bed. We also added a simple 12×20 accent pillow for a touch of personality.

Add two tall euro shams with two standard shams

The Timeless

This look works for nearly any bed. Choose two euro shams to create height in the back, then add two standard shams in the front. We chose shams in different (but complementary) collections to balance and add dimension to the arrangement. When we’re mixing bedding collections on a bed, we like to use equal amounts of both collections. Balance is always an important part of mixing and matching, so it’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when you’re shopping!

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Two large euro shams with an accent pillow

The Tasteful Tall

On a bed with a tall headboard like our Isabella, we like using extra tall shams like euros. Euros are also great for beds that don’t have an upholstered headboard because they’re great for reading and sitting up in bed. Here, we simply used two large euro shams and add an accent pillow in the front.

Two large euro shams and a coordinating standard sham

Simple & Symmetrical

When ordering bedding, it’s only natural to think in terms of pairs. For this arrangement though, we used two large euro shams and one smaller standard sham to create a symmetrical arrangement that doesn’t require a ton of pillows but fills your entire headboard and feels balanced with size of the headboard.

For an arrangement that feels super plush and draws you in, use two euros, two standards, and an accent pillow

The Timeless with Style

As we mentioned above, two euros and two standards make for a timeless bed, but sometimes you just want to add a little more flair. In that case, simply add an accent pillow, and you’re done!

Pillows galore -- two euro shams, two standard shams, and two accent pillows

Clean Maximalist

Here’s where things start to get a little more involved. If you’re game for lots of pillows on your bed but you still want things to look polished, consider a symmetrical arrangement that includes height, a variety of textures, and even some pattern. We choose euro shams in our velvet trimmed collection, coordinating standard shams in our quilted velvet collection, and two accent pillows with a trellis pattern.

Give your bed the catalog treatment with tons of fluffy pillows for a space you can't wait to sink into

Plush & Polished

While most people probably don’t want to use this many pillows on their bed, if you want to achieve the seriously plush look of the beds in our catalog, this is the arrangement for you! We used two euro shams in our quilted velvet collection and three standard shams, two in a coordinating collection and one from the same collection. Now that’s a lot of down, but is this not a bed you can’t wait to dive into?

Create the ultimate showroom bed with tons of pillows in this arrangement

Asymmetrical Lineup

Precision is so overrated. For this bed, we went a little over the top, but when you’re talking about pillows, is there such a thing as too much comfort? We used three euros and three standard shams and arranged them to create dimension and texture. Now this is a bed you can seriously relax in!

If you can’t decide where to start, we suggest getting two shams of each size (euro and standard) in coordinating collections and start playing around. Figure out what looks best and you can even try a new arrangement each day. After all, it’s just a bedroom! Pillows should be fun and not scary.

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