Decorating an awkwardly long living room for a family

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Dear How to Decorate,

Our living room that we will be moving into is 23’3″ x 14′ 10″. There is windows, fireplace, entry, 2 doorways, and the entry to the dining room. As you can see its a longer room and I’m having trouble figuring out different options of how to configure this room.

This was our great grandparents house and we are remodeling some things and going to be moving in the next fess months. We do have a 9 month old and will be having more children. Not sure if that’s helpful info.


end of room w/o fireplace
end of room with fireplace


We think to key to making the space work with all the entry points is to divide it into two seating arrangements. One area would focus on the fireplace, along with television viewing, then the other area for lounging with friends and family.

For the TV viewing side around the fireplace, we suggest our Eton Slipcovered Sofa in Trilby Bark fabric and two of the Elsie Swivel Gliders in outdoor Sunbrella Canvas Butter. The slipcovered sofa and the indoor/outdoor fabric will allow for easy cleaning, which will be important with an infant and more children in the future. We have jazzed the Eton sofa up my adding pillows in the Capri Spa Butter fabric and the Canopy Stripe in Taupe and Sand. Place the sofa facing the fireplace and the two chairs facing the wall that has the cable connection in the corner. We adore the mirrored Abeille side table for placement between the two Elsie Chairs! Add the Brooklyn Floor Lamp to make this a great place to watch TV or curl up with a book.

Our Belgard Media Cabinet in Oak will provide you will ample space for a large TV and have great storage for audio equipment. Behind the sofa, the Morgan Double Wide Console will look great when topped with two mustard Luciana Lamps for incandescent lighting.

Now let’s talk about the opposite side of the room. Four of the Capri Chairs encircling a Morgan Cocktail Table will create a great place to sit or maybe play a marathon game of monopoly with friends!

Since this is a wide open space with lots of potential, don’t hesitate to let us know if you need further assistance.

Happy Decorating!

The Design Team


Decorating an awkwardly long living room for a family

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