Personalized glassware

Monogramming, once a tradition associated with the preppy set, has gone mainstream. And we couldn’t be happier about it. A monogram — the personalization of an item with initials — has a way of adding a personal touch and makes you feel like an item was custom-made just for you. In short, if there’s an option to add a monogram, we always do — from totes to towels.

So imagine our joy when we discovered that several of our barware and stemware collections can be personalized with a monogram. Whether you select a traditional, modern or whimsical version (there are nine styles to choose from), you will make quite the impression at your next dinner party.

Here are a few of our favorite options for personalizing glassware (and if you’re utterly confused about the “rules” of monogramming, be sure to check out our guide here.)

Personalized glassware

Just a simple single initial is classic. You can’t go wrong! And we love the playful, woodsy feel of antlers — a perfect gift for him!

The three-letter monogram never goes out of style and is especially nice for newlyweds.

A play on the family crest makes this single-letter monogram feel both fresh and traditional when its nestled inside a laurel wreath.

Whether you choose a single-, two- or three-letter monogram, adding a border enhances your personalization.

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