Gift Wrapping Tips from Suzanne Kasler, Bunny Williams, and Susanna Salk

Gift wrapping ideas from the experts

You may have found the perfect presents for your family and friends, but your Santa duties aren’t over quite yet. Make your loved ones feel extra-special by presenting them with beautifully wrapped, one-of-a-kind packages — and don’t wait until the last minute. To get you inspired, we asked a few of our favorite designers how they make their gifts the prettiest under the tree. We’ll give you a hint: you’re going to need to stock up on ribbons, tags and bows!

Gift wrapping ideas from the experts

Susanna Salk

design expert and author of Decorate Fearlessly

I love to put a lot of effort into the gift tags, especially since I’m not a very proficient wrapper! The gift tag instantly adds an elegant, if not old-fashioned, touch to the presentation. I love ones that tie with a pretty ribbon, and I especially like to use oversized tags. The theme does not have to be to holiday. In fact, I prefer images of flowers or birds.

Gift wrapping ideas from the experts

Instead of using wrapping paper for gifts, I’m a big believer in buying lots of festive gift bags in every kind of size and reusing them every year. Of course, I add fresh tissue paper inside each year. This method not only saves time but a lot of paper!

Gift wrapping ideas from the experts

Bunny Williams

interior designer and author of An Affair with A House

I always keep it simple! Unwrapped craft-paper boxes tied with a pretty plaid, striped or bright turquoise ribbon are always chic and easy.

Gift wrapping ideas from the experts

Suzanne Kasler

interior designer and author of Timeless Style

Each year, I pick one theme that reflects how I’m feeling that Christmas, and I carry it through to my decor and right down to my gift wrapping. Whether it’s classic red and green or a more neutral white and bronze combination with natural burlap ribbon and gift tags with twine, I like that I can easily mix and match the paper and accessories.

Gift wrapping ideas from the experts

I love to embellish presents with a little extra gift on top, such as a tree ornament. I tie it on the outside with a lovely tag and ribbon — and it makes the gift look really special.

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    I love all three designers! They are my favorite!

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    Packages just took my breath away. So beautiful. I didn’t think there was anything new in wrapping a package put the texture of the burlap against the paper is just stunning.

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      Thanks, Amanda! We’re so happy to hear that you were inspired by this post! That’s what we’re here for 🙂

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