Celebrated entertainer (and interior designer extraordinaire) Bunny Williams walks us through her strategy for arranging flowers using her new container for Ballard Designs.

Arranging flowers isn’t just something Bunny does when she’s having friends over, Bunny loves to cut flowers from her garden and bring them into her home. Flowers make a room come alive!

Flower Arranging Tips

  • Pick a color scheme and
  • Use the right containers — wire frames make arranging easier
  • First add greenery around the edges to ‘relax’ the arrangement
  • Start with shorter buds first, then add in taller flowers from there
  • Let the natural shape of the flowers shine — if a flower is natural floppy, go with it!
  • When arranging to go on a dining room table, keep it low so guests can see over the top

To see Bunny’s full collection for Ballard Designs, visit ballarddesigns.com/bunny, or find more tips and ideas from Bunny Williams on howtodecorate.com/bunny.