Celebrated entertainer (and interior designer extraordinaire) Bunny Williams talked to us about where her passion for entertaining came from and what are her tried and true tips for hosting friends and family in her home.

In this video, Bunny talks about how to make guests feel relaxed, how long to wait before serving food at the party and why she always uses place cards.

The Beginning

For Bunny, the entertaining bug caught her when she was a little girl! Her family used to gather each Sunday for a big lunch at her Aunt’s house. This family tradition taught Bunny early on the value of getting together with friends and family and welcoming others into your home.

Entertaining Musts

Bunny likes to entertain in a casual manner — a relaxed hostess makes for relaxed guests. By being prepared ahead of time, you can enjoy the evening with your guests

Some of Bunny’s favorite tips for being the relaxed hostess:

  • Use place cards so no one has to worry about where their sitting.
  • Serve dinner within 45 minutes of guests arriving.
  • If you’re inviting a couple, separate them so people can make new friends!

Bunny embraces the idea of perfect imperfection, as she we all!

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