We’re Into: Global-Inspired Accessories

Global inspired accessories

Touches of a worldly influence on fashion and design is evident everywhere these days — and we’re into it. A cultural mash-up of styles can give a home the layered, collected look of a world traveler. But you don’t have to be a globetrotter to pull off an international vibe. Take a visual journey with us to see our favorite global-inspired looks that you can actually get much closer to home.

Global inspired accessories

Global Motifs

From Aztec prints to Asian-inspired patterns, global motifs are all the rage. But they’re not just for Kilim rugs and block print throw pillows. Look for unexpected ways to bring the trend into your home, such as a quatrefoil-shaped mirror or a lamp that spotlights Ikat.

Global inspired accessories

Vintage-Style Maps

What better way to pay homage to your favorite city, trip or dream destination? Incorporating grandly scaled maps or even a globe into your everyday space is a fun, visual way to express your inner wanderlust. Plus, you can give your friends pop geography quizzes.

Global inspired accessories

Exotic Textiles

Graphic tribal prints in earthy hues and jewel tones — inspired by Morocco, Turkey and India — add just the right punch on a neutral sofa or bed.  Right now we are obsessed with our Kantha Quilted Throws, hand stitched from authentic Indian saris. Each is one of a kind, a work of art that will be appreciated for years to come.

Global inspired accessories

Organic Objects

Artisanal accents, once crafted out of necessity, boast natural textures and simple shapes that nicely counter the bold color and pattern of global textiles. We found our authentic pizza paddles in Europe and bought up every single one for their unique quality. You can hang them anywhere! Our glossy, earthenware bowls (pictured at top) hold treasures while bringing graceful form to a side table, shelf or mantel.

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Patricia Palermo

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