Ideas for redecorating a family room

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Dear How to Decorate,

I recently moved from NYC to live with my boyfriend at his home in NJ. As you can imagine our styles both clashed and as you can see in the pictures attached, our furniture just doesn’t blend well together. Making the move from the city to the country suburban life has been quite an adjustment, and I’m really trying to make this house my home!

Unfortunately my living and dining room great room has been the hardest for me. I’m desperately seeking some style for my new home and lifestyle, and I couldn’t think of a better and talented team than the Design Solutions team! I absolutely love Ballard Designs and am looking for some help pulling this room together. Can you please help this city girl?! I’m in desperate need of style back in my life.

“Desperately seeking style”
Aka Laura

Laura's family room
Laura's family room

Laura's family room

Laura's family room

Dear “Desperately Seeking Style”,

Combining design styles can be a challenge, but the good news is that you can create an amazing eclectic look by including several bridge pieces.

Every good room starts with an amazing rug. The Allegro Hand Hooked rug should be your amazing start. This cozy and modern rug creates an attitude for your room and compliments the existing colors. We suggest topping your rug with one of two options:  a large storage ottoman in Trellis Taupe or 2 Durham Cocktail Tables.  Either choice would give you great storage combined with a stunning style!!

Your media wall currently has a look that is safe and simple, but we suggest ‘ramping it up’ with a media center that communicates its’ own great style. The Vetrino Media Cabinet and Hutch, in a walnut finish, will give you a beautiful and functional piece for all your media needs. Flank each side of the media cabinet with a Suzanne Kasler Sunburst Mirror, a fabulous sparkle pieces.

The current sofa and loveseat placement is perfect for your viewing needs, but we suggest removing the over sized chair in the corner. Replace this piece with a Griffin Chair enveloped in our Kenya Gray. You should consider snuggling your quilt rack behind the Griffin Chair, then you can add a Bornova Side table in black.

The dining area looks nice but we suggest bringing in a touch of Ballard Design ‘bling’ by hanging our incredible Orb Chandelier in Aged Silver over the table. Soften the entire space by framing all of the windows in Suzanne Kasler Linen Drapery Panels in Parchment.

Based on these suggestions, we know that style will be finding the city girl again and giving her a place to feel at home!

We always enjoy seeing pictures of updated spaces, so remember to send a few when you complete your look!

Happy Decorating!

The Design Solutions Team

Ideas for redecorating a family room

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