A long, lazy day filled with swimming, fishing and boating followed by sleepovers, midnight snacks and pillow fights in the bunk room. Sound familiar? When you have a summer home, a bunk room is an ideal solution for sleeping lots of kids. It’s also what memories of summer vacation are made of. Here are several ideas to take your bunk room from functional to fun.


Nautical Details

Whether you’re lakeside or seaside, you can create the ultimate summer camp vibe using nautical style. Let accessories and decor anchor your theme. But before you go shopping, take a look around. You may already have items suitable for repurposing. For example, vintage boat oars become wall decor, sea shells create an instant collection and rope adds great maritime texture. Other items might include maps, ship wheel, surfboard and round mirrors. In our bunk room, we continued the theme with caged nautical-style lights over each bed.


Coastal Color

Bright whites and soothing stripes build on the nautical theme with cool, breezy style and provide universal appeal to children of all ages, ensuring they won’t grow out of the look. Classic white iron beds unify this room for three while mix-and-match striped bedding in gender neutral hues are unique for each bed. No need to be too matchy-matchy! Simple white sheers filter the light.


Plentiful Storage

With so many occupants in one room, having adequate storage is a must. Head off the danger of unruly piles by hanging a row of hooks for the kids to store their totes, robes, towels and other items. We love the idea of posting a chest to the foot of each bed, so each child can have his or her own storage — and it also lends to the overall coastal feel. Our very favorite way to add extra storage for linens, books and toiletries is with our Cambridge Storage unit. The chalkboard panels make it easy to label each bin for quick identification. No storage chests? Assign each child a bin and write his or her name on the front.

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