Luxury hotels and interior designers alike have long considered duvet covers an ideal way to dress beds – and we have to agree. Not only does a duvet cover protect your down comforter and help it to last for years, it also gives you greater decorating flexibility. Simply swap out your existing cover for a fresh one when the seasons change or whenever the mood strikes. Even better, duvet covers tend to be an easy-care option. Since they have no batting or fill, they can usually be machine-washed at home and won’t take up much storage space in your linen closet.

On the other hand, getting a freshly washed duvet cover back on your comforter quickly and neatly can seem like a real hassle. The comforter always seems to slip and slide and shift around while you’re trying to get the cover over it, resulting in unsightly lumps and bumps or even whole areas without any comforter at all. So we did a little research and found out about this simple, foolproof way to get a comforter perfectly inside a duvet cover without any fuss or muss.

How to Stuff a Duvet

Step 1: To begin, spread out your down comforter (or whatever other insert you prefer) on the top of your bed.

Step 2: Next, turn your duvet cover inside-out, and lay it down directly on top of your comforter with its opening at the foot of the bed.

Step 3: Now you’re going to take your arm and reach it up through the right-hand side of duvet cover’s opening, working your way all the way up to the top, and grab hold of the cover’s top right corner.

Step 4: With the top right corner of the duvet cover over your hand like a mitten, take hold of the top corner of the comforter underneath it. Now flip the corner of the duvet cover up and over the corner of the comforter and pull it down a little bit. Repeat that process with the top left corner.

Step 5: With the top two corners of your comforter now neatly inside the duvet cover, shimmy the cover down and over the rest of the comforter. Gently work each of the bottom two corners of the comforter into place inside the cover. Then, button or zip your duvet cover closed. Straighten everything out with a little shake and one last smoothing over, and enjoy the sight of your perfectly fluffy, inviting bed.

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