Timeless Style by Suzanne Kasler

This month, we’re making room on our bookshelf for award-winning designer Suzanne Kasler’s new interior design book, Timeless Style. Our copy of her first book, Inspired Interiors, has been endlessly referenced and heavily earmarked by everyone in our office, so it goes without saying, we’re already in love with her latest work.

Photos from Suzanne Kasler book signing at the Atlanta Ballard Designs store

Left: Suzanne Kasler signing books at our Atlanta store; Right: Waiting to get their copies of Timeless Style signed by Suzanne

In Timeless Style, Suzanne revisits eight of her favorite recent projects, from a luxurious Georgian mansion in Atlanta’s Buckhead to a sophisticated farmhouse in Tennessee and a beach house in Watersound, Florida. The book is chock full of lavish photographs showcasing Suzanne’s signature style we’ve come to know and love—perfectly curated, beautifully classic and instantly livable interiors that come alive through her use of soft palettes. Throughout, she offers a wealth of original design ideas and useful tips we can all put to good use.

We previewed some of the stunning spaces featured in Suzanne’s new book and asked her how we can recreate her signature look.

Living room from Suzanne Kasler's new book Timeless Style

Ballard Designs: You’re known for your neutral palette and soft colors. Why white?

Suzanne Kasler: White is my basic building block. I use it in design and architectural details. You can create a real statement by strategically mixing white with color. I also incorporate ivories, creams and taupes with subtle variations. When done right, neutral rooms are anything but boring.

Desk with a collection of antique globes from Suzanne Kasler's new book Timeless Style

BD: Your rooms are beautifully composed. How do you arrive at just the right composition, whether it’s on a wall or tabletop?

SK: Carefully curated collections. The composition of a collection and the way it’s arranged can take a room to a different level. I add to my collections over the years, so they’re always changing and evolving.

Vignette from Suzanne Kasler's new book Timeless Style

BD: The rooms in this book feel so effortless and inviting, with such a rich mix of styles. How do you make it work?

SK: I love mixing antique and modern, new and vintage, often  all in one room. It can give a room a sense of history and sophistication, without making it feel dated.

Living room from Suzanne Kasler's new book Timeless Style

BD: The interiors here are large, but they don’t feel it. How do you fill a space with so much to look at and yet, keep it feeling serene and inviting?

SK: It’s all about editing. Putting things together in the right way — sometimes in an unexpected way.

Suzanne Kasler's Timeless Style

BD: If you were going to give someone your top tips for successful decorating, what would they be?

SK: That’s easy: If you see something you love, buy it! You’ll find a place for it.  Every room should have something in it that’s special to you – that object or collection will inspire the design direction. Then, make it comfortable.

Suzanne Kasler's book signing at the Ballard Designs store in Atlanta

Left: Suzanne Kasler with Pallavi Naidu, Vice President of Merchandising for Ballard Designs, and Ryan McKelvey, President of Ballard Designs, at her book signing in the Atlanta store; Right: Customers with their books waiting to be signed

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