Refresh your space with these living room decorating ideas

Your living room is often the most used room in the house, hosting a nearly constant rotation of family and friends alike. So give it a little TLC from time to time to keep it from feeling tired and dated. Here are 7 simple living room decorating ideas to help you refresh your style.

1.    Decorate Your Coffee Table

If your coffee table has become a catchall for remotes, mail, and odds and ends, give it some attention and change the feel of our whole room

When left bare, the wide expanse of a coffee table top can weigh down a room. Break up the space—and add a little personality—by arranging a few artful items on top. A stack of books, a wooden bowl, a tray and a vase of flowers are all great items that will make the room feel lighter and brighter. For more inspiration, check out stylist Annette Joseph’s three coffee table tricks.

2.    Add Glam with Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light around the room

If you want a stunning change that will bring a room to life, replace artwork with one large mirror or fill a previously empty wall with a collection of mirrors. For a more streamlined look, hang a row of identical mirrors, or go for a creative collage of frameless mirrors in different shapes. Either way, you’ll add instant style and bounce light around the space, making it feel larger.

3.    Shelve It

Open shelving is an easy way to bring more storage into your living room, plus its a lovely way to display books and collections

If your living room has been feeling a little frenetic and cluttered lately, add a pair of open shelves for some much-needed balance and harmony. Edit your room’s accessories and move the ones you love to the shelves and arrange amongst your collection of books. Group books together by alternating stacks horizontally and vertically, then drop in your accessories between them. Your curated collection of storage and display will bring an organized feel to the room that’s also pleasing to the eye. See stylist Annette Joseph’s 7 golden styling rules for a bookshelf.

 4.    Hang An Oversized Piece of Art

One large piece of art can totally change the look and feel of your room

Bigger is better. The sentiment certainly holds true when it comes to art. Introducing one large-scale piece of art into a space creates a strong focal point and guarantees dramatic impact. And it works in any size room: a large piece of art supports the architectural assets in a wide open room and it visually opens up a small space. Let your artwork guide your color palette in the room for a put-together look.

5.    Drop in Dramatic Lighting

An unusual light fixture gives a living room personality, but also a gorgeous focal point!

Glamorous chandeliers are no longer just for entryways and formal dining rooms. More and more people are giving them center stage in the rooms they use most, from the kitchen to bedroom and, yes, living room. Whether a classic lantern, oversized orb or crystal chandelier, eye-catching lighting in the living room nicely punctuates the room’s décor—and brings mood lighting to an all-new level.

6.    Go Monochromatic

Create a subtle and sophisticated backdrop with perfectly layered neutrals

Create a subtle and sophisticated backdrop to everyday living with a room full of perfectly layered neutrals. You’ll love the feeling of openness and calm it brings to your space. The key to monochromatic decorating, especially with neutrals, is to vary the intensity of the hue and textures in the space, and that can mean with your lighting, curtains, upholstery, pillows, rugs and even artwork.

7.    Punch it Up with Pattern and Color

Pops of turquoise make this room feel fresh

Adding an unexpected splash of color or a pinch of pattern to a room full of mostly neutrals is a welcome accent. If you find a show-stopping graphic pattern, like a fabulous chevron or ikat, put it on a pillow, a pair of panels or a rug. Or add a quick burst of color with an object in your favorite color: a side table, a lamp or an upholstered side chair are all easy ways to give your room a bit of visual punch.

Have other living room decorating ideas to share? Leave us a note in the comments below.