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Dear Ballard,

I’m moving into a small bungalow from a condo.  The living room is a nice size but at present it has a 70’s gold wall that hits you as you walk in front door.

There’s a brown leather sofa in front of it and, after much thought, I’ve decided to place my sofa/sectional there also.  My sectional with a chaise is mod gray color. I initially thought I would just paint the wall white — I have some architectural pics framed in black that I would like to place over sofa.  My next thought was: how about a very, very pale gray with crisp white trim throughout rest of the room?



Dear Lynne:

Thank you for your dilemma.

Without knowing the shade of gray your sectional is, it is difficult to give you a definitive answer.

Our suggestion is to take a pillow or cushion from the sectional and have them match the color and then cut the paint color in half  – painting the accent wall. We agree with the idea of the crisp, white trim.   You can always add a pop of color with some accent pillows, maybe in coral.

Don’t forget to send us some pictures when you are finished –  we would love to see it.

Happy Decorating,

The Style Studio Team

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