Try adding a warm touch to the crisp, cool Fall nights around the fireplace.  Let us show you (step by step) how to create Autumn colors and textures that will warm your hearth.


1.   Clear the fireplace;  now center your favorite antique focal point and place large lanterns on either side.

2.  Drape bittersweet garland across the mantel and add two buckets of fall flowers and a pumpkin with personality on the hearth.

3.  Place the goose on the opposite side of the hearth for a bit of whimsy.

4.  Finsh the look by adding large gold letters  F-A-L-L  leaning against the shutters.



 1.  On a cleared fireplace, center a large print in Fall colors.

2.  Drape a Fall garland (ours is Fall leaves) across the mantel.

3.  Place an assortment of large candlesticks on the mantel and place decorative fruits and seasonal gourds on the hearth.

4.  Arrange pumpkins (we used grapevine pumpkins) on the opposite side of the hearth to complete.