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This entry table has been pretty much empty for the last 10 years. Its a tall space with a window that is not centered. Anything I put there seems dwarfed. I was considering the Maria lamp. This space will soon be painted a very light gray. I love the monochrome look. Blacks, whites, grays. I was also considering the Crawley runner in nickel. I would like it to look cozy and inviting.

Thank you for your help!


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The best way to handle your off center window is to add items to the table creating asymmetrical balance. Diverting the primary focus from the window to the table, your eye will have other things on which to admire.

Start with our Avery Glass Table Lamp to the left side of the table. Next hang a pair of artwork pieces to the right of the lamp … two of our Jellyfish Giclee prints are perfect! Bring in a small stack of beautiful books and then incorporate our Giant Clam Shell for showing off seasonal treasures!

The Crawley Rug would be perfect in this entryway location, especially against soft gray walls!

With the open space below the table, consider adding one of our Metallic Garden Seats. It has a rich texture that will pair perfectly with the new Crawley Rug.

You always need a mirror at the door for that last minute beauty check so we suggest stacking three Bateau Wood Mirrors in Antique Gray on the wall facing the door.

Good luck and Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

Susan F Collage

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