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Dear How to Decorate,

A wall in my guest bedroom has three windows that need coverings other than ugly mini blinds.

The middle window is 35-by-71 inches. The two side windows are 35-by-59 inches.

I have some fabric I could use for drapes, but I’m not sure what style or how to hang them. Do I make three different drapes or one swagged drape over all three windows?

Come to think of it – are drapes even the best option?

Thanks for any suggestions!!


guest bedrm 1


We think hanging drapery panels would be the perfect solution for your windows!

Stretch a single rod across all three windows and hang four panels – two to the outside and two between the windows.

Wondering what to do with the open space above the shorter windows? Add an iron wall plaque above each window. We suggest the Natalia Iron Plaque as a great option.

Jill P Collage

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team

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