Dear Style Studio,

Not sure where to go and what to do, to help this area of the den.

What can I do to give this beehive fireplace a makeover? Don’t care for what it looks like now.



Beehive Fireplace

Living Room With Beehive Fireplace


Because of the unique architectural structure of “beehive” fireplaces, changing their appearance can be simple but involved. Removing the existing framework and constructing a new modern shape is the best way to remove all traces of the original structure.

Beehive redo

As an alternative for your update, consider adding a smooth layer of stucco to remove the textured look.

Next we recommend keeping the neutral color on the stucco so that color pops can be added to continue your room style. Using your eclectic creativity as a guide post, we suggest scouring vintage shops for a unique structural piece to install as a mantel … maybe a single piece or a series of brackets.

Now, below the mantel we suggest adding a single row of colorful glass tiles around the fireplace opening as well as the edge of the hearth. This tiling application is a slight throw-back to the original beehive style.

Close up beehive tiles

Since you love using candles in your fireplace, we suggest our Flameless Candles with remote control … easy on, easy off! We also think your coffee table could use our whimsical Nouvelles Vase full of your favorite blooms!

Good luck and Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team