Dear Style Studio,

I just moved into a new home that has a 2-story-tall living room. It’s a real challenge to decorate this room. One wall has nothing on it, no windows, fireplace etc. just a huge blank wall.

The wall next to it has a fireplace, flanked by windows on both sides. The wall across from it is just a half wall, open to the kitchen. The fourth wall is the stairwell and entry to foyer.


Living Room With Tall Ceiling

Living Room With Tall Ceiling

Living Room With Tall Ceiling

Living Room With Tall Ceiling


What spectacular breathing space you have in your new home! Tall ceilings can be challenging but we will share a few suggestions that will help your space feel a little more cozy.

Let’s start with the wall that is to the right of the fireplace.

A great way to capture much of this wall is to bring in a series of bookshelves or an entertainment unit.

Because of the location of your sectional, moving the media equipment to a media cabinet would allow you to still enjoy the fireplace and television at the same time.

We recommend the Tuscan Media Set in brown with 4 pieces. You could add a couple of pottery pieces to the top of the Media Cabinet for a finishing touch.

Tuscan 4 pc white

Tuscan Media Group with 2 bookcases

Once your media equipment is moved, you can create a spectacular focal wall with your fireplace and numerous windows.

Consider mounting a pair of drapery panels on each window. Based on your kitchen wall color and the throw pillows on your sectional, we think the Suzanne Kasler Linen Panels in mineral would provide soft repeated color in your space. Mount the drapery hardware between 8″-10″ above the top of the window frame to really utilize your wall space.

SK Linen Mineral Panel

Suzanne Kasler Linen Panel Mineral

We have some fabulous options for artwork and think that our Guilded Quatrefoil Canvas would be stunning vertically hung over your fireplace mantel. The light variations in this piece will glisten in the natural light.

Guilded Quatrefoil Art

Guilded Quatrefoil Hand Painted Canvas

Now … for the wall above the kitchen, let’s consider keeping it simple.

The best approach to this space it to add an over sized wall plaque like our Grande Bouquet in the wood finish.

Using a single piece with a larger scale will provide the opportunity for the piece to do it’s job … make its presence known!

Grande Bouquet Plaque

Grande Bouquet Plaque

When you select a few good pieces that make a bold statement, the result will be your space coming into focus in no time!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team