Dear Style Studio,

We are moving to a new house and we’re having trouble figuring out our living room arrangement.

It is a narrow row house, 16 feet wide. The living room area has to fit between the entrance and half-bath on the left, fireplace on the right, bay windows on the bottom and stairs above.

We are thinking of building a bench in the bay window area but don’t know how to integrate that seating space with the fireplace and rest of the room (couch, coffee table and potentially some arm chairs).

Thank you in advance for any ideas!



Tara W Image


What a great space for living!

Unusually shaped spaces can be a challenge when it comes to furniture layout. Consider furniture that is flexible and functional as the key to your living area.

Tara W Layout

We have created a layout with some ideas that might give you some direction.

Our recommendation is to break the space up into two conversation areas.

Placing a sofa to the left of the fireplace, like our Lenoir sofa, is a great start.

Consider placing an ottoman or coffee table in front of the fireplace and then add a bench to the right of the fireplace for reversible seating. A good bench frame for this task is our Reynolds Bench.

Now tuck an armless chair in the corner near your front door and a couple of Durham Bunching Tables to the left of your window seat to work as a coffee table.

Davenport Side Chair

Davenport Side Chair

Reynolds Bench

Reynolds Bench

Lenoir 72

Lenoir Sofa

Graham Ottoman

Graham Ottoman

In this layout there is plenty of opportunity to add necessary lamps and side tables … like our Durham Tray Tables. Perfect for nestling up next to a chair or bench to hold your drinks.

We feel that this is a great layout that will provide alot of flexibilty.  Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Decorating!

The Style Studio Team