Dear Style Studio,

I have a very interesting living/family room. It’s the only “upstairs” room of our house and overlooks the more formal living area so it’s missing that wall and has a railing there. Also, it has another wall of windows and sliding doors leading to an outdoor patio. The dimensions are 18 x 15 with the 15-foot walls having the windows and railing.

The entry to the room has a door area that’s about three-and-a-half feet leaving the wall being five-and-a-half feet with the three-and-a-half cut out and then about nine feet. The opposite 18-foot wall is just wall space.

As I’m sure you can understand, I’ve struggled with the layout so that we have enough comfortable seating to watch a movie as a family and to have space for my almost 2 year old’s toys but also be able to walk.

Katy L Living 1

Katy L Living 2

Katy L Living 3

On another note, I recently inherited a sectional and, while it’s great seating, it’s not my color choice and I’d love some input on how to spark it up a bit.

I love blues and greens – and any combination like mint or seafoam or aquas. But the sectional is a deep red-ish leather so I’m not sure how to work with it since it’s out of my color style. I would love any suggestions.

We also have lighting issues and a definite need for different tables to put lamps, rest our drinks and possibly add some decorative accents.

Thank you for any suggestions you can send!



Sometimes a space can feel challenging when you live in it every day. Taking a step back and thinking outside the box can create freshness.

Based on your room parameters, all you really need are some additional pieces and a color palette that invites your sectional into the plan.

Katy L Layout

We suggest starting with the Darien Rug under your sectional. This rug provides a fresh color palette to envelop around your sectional.

Behind your sectional, try our Ananda Serving Table so you have a convenient place for additional lighting and your favorite books ready for reading.

Next, pile the sectional with pillows in Suzanne Kasler Greige Linen, Velvet Yellow and Creamy Pintuck.

In front of your sectional, add an ottoman with storage like our Graham Storage Ottoman.

Lined on your long wall, our Wesley Media Console and Towers in rubbed black will provide you ample storage and look stunning at the same time. It will work great because the scale of it won’t overpower your space.

Wesley Media

Darien Rug

Ananda Serving Table

Katy L Collage

Add our Larkin Swivel Chairs in Athena Slate along with our small Durham Tray Table to hold drinks. If you need additional toy storage, we recommend tucking our Traveler’s Wicker Chest in a corner near the railing along with our Madeline Floor Lamp flanking the opening to the living area below.

Adding a couple of table lamps, along with the floor lamps, will provide you with much needed lighting. Placing some beautiful art on the wall by the sliding glass door will complete your transformation.

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team