Dear Style Studio,

I’m keen on purchasing a banquette that fits my corner space. My dilemma is that one wall making the corner is 43 inches. Wanting to cover that entire space, I end up with a three-inch overhang no matter what.

Will it be skimpy if I go with just the corner bench and 36 or 48 storage bench? Or, do I be bold and go for the three-inch overhang? It’s just a seat depth.

Your thoughts?

Best regards and thanks,


Coventry Collection

Dear Clare,

Depending on the size and shape of table you are using, we think it would be best to use one storage bench and fill in around the table with other seating options.

Be creative with the other seating options you choose … consider a combination of chairs and stools to create an acquired look.

Happy Decorating!

–The Style Studio Team