Flair: 88 Grand Street


Recently, we had to make a last minute trip to New York for an evening event. Lucky for us, the only flight we could get landed 10 a.m., leaving us just six short hours to do what we really came for – shopping! We dropped our bags at the oh-so-hip Ace Hotel and hit the streets of Soho.

Follow our adventures on google maps as we shop our way through Soho in less than six hours.


  •  FLAIR  (above) We first spotted this store—and instantly fell in love—in Florence, Italy. It has a sophisticated, luxurious mix of vintage and new home décor and accessories, plus a nice selection of statement jewelry. Visit the NYC shop first, then head to the one in Florence!
    88 Grand Street


  • OCHRE  A plush, sophisticated home shop with lots of original designs brought to us by a British-founded design duo. We were drawn to the especially interesting lighting collection that featured glass teardrop shapes.
    462 Broome Street



Ochre: 462 Broome Street


  •  SPLENDID  This casual, colorful apparel shop is infused with this season’s bright colors and soft fabrics. Men, women and even kids, will find something to love in this cute shop. We fell for their window display with white palms and succulents.
    111 Spring Street

 Splendid Soho 01


  • FARROW & BALL  Who could resist the luscious palette of this English paint and wall covering manufacturer? We drooled over their pretty stripes and muted colors. And their fun window display gave us lots of ideas for how we might show our fabrics.
    112 Mercer Street



Farrow & Ball: 112 Mercer St


  •  LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN We needed a quick lunch and an excuse to rest our feet. This particular outpost of the internationally renowned chain was quite a treat. We liked the communal tables and their amazing bakery. Our soup and sandwiches were yummy and the service was great, too. But no time to linger  — onto the next eye candy.
    65 Bleecker St. (there are several locations)


  •  PAULA RUBENSTEIN The longtime collector specializes in American textiles from the 19th and 20th centuries, along with a collection of vintage finds and antique jewelry, home décor and lighting. It’s a treat just to stop in and peruse her collection.
    21 Bond Street


paula rubenstein

Paula Rubenstein Ltd.


  • MUD AUSTRALIA We stumbled upon this amazing shop by accident. An Australian dishware maker, this is their first US store and it’s only been open a few months. The cheery colors of their dishware had us salivating, from a soft buttery yellow to a bright lapis blue and the perfect shade of lavender. They layered on beautiful color coordinated linens that were to die for.
    91 Crosby Street



Mud Australia: 91 Crosby Street


  •  CROSBY STREET HOTEL We ducked into this popular boutique hotel just to take a peek at the decor. It was still cool out and the back courtyard was empty, so we wandered around and snapped a few shots of their chic faux bois benches and oversized Indian lanterns. Then we nosed our way into their study, which was such a welcome departure from the usual hotel austerity we see these days. The walls were covered in a lush rose color, which sounds like it might be overpowering, but it was anything but!
    79 Crosby St



  •  C. WONDER The flagship store for the retail concept started by Tory Burch’s ex. This store is chock full of pattern and color! Wow. If you like bright and fun, head here for an easy fix. They’ve got everything from clothing to home décor to pet accessories.
    72 Spring Street at Crosby


c wonder

C. Wonder: 72 Spring Street at Crosby


  •  BOBBY BERK HOME This small, lovely shop has a nice modern twist on home decor. Everything from large furniture to smart accessories, all wittily displayed. They had a helpful and friendly staff, too. We are especially partial because he also has a store in our hometown of Atlanta!
    59 Crosby Street


  • ANKASA The handiwork of this high-end home textile accessories brand is not to be missed. The skull theme is still going strong here, embroidered on pillows and throws in showy sequin colors. Of course, they have plenty of traditional designs as well.
    424 Broome St


ankasa 3

Ankasa: 424 Broome Street


  • AERO We could spend hours in this Thomas O’Brien home store. His impeccable eye can spot a gem a mile away, and he amasses them here for all to covet. Not only does this design house boast a well-curated assortment of vintage and antique furniture, but it also showcases O’Brien’s original designs. We particularly loved a pair of vintage chairs that he had covered in rich caramel leather.
    419 Broome St.




  •  CANVAS Handmade ceramics are one of the highlights of this interesting boutique. We also loved the assortment of reclaimed wood furniture and hand felted cushions.
    199 Lafayette Street


  •  MONDRIAN SOHO We stopped here for a quick refreshment and ended up gawking at the great atmosphere. An open hothouse-style roof makes it feel like you’re outside, yet it still feels intimate. A glass shelf almost the length of the room is suspended from the ceiling and stacked with an eye-catching assortment of glass vases. The end result is simply stunning.
    9 Crosby Street


mondrian 3

Mondrian Soho: 9 Crosby Street



  •  MICHELE VARIAN An amazing shop full of eclectic finds for your home as well as a selection of pretty jewelry. Piles of colorful pillows, interesting lighting, the list goes on and on. The owner curates the look and selection — and we love her eye!
    27 Howard Street


Michell varian 3

Michele Varian: 27 Howard Street


  •  JOHN DERIAN COMPANY & JOHN DERIAN DRY GOODS  While it was a little off our beaten path, no visit to New York would be complete without visiting the eponymous John Derian. He continues to hit it out of the park with his découpage and extensive collection of tabletop and accessories.
    10 East 2nd Street and 6 East 2nd Street


  • PEELS We marked the finish line of our 6-hour dash through Soho with an espresso and snack. This is a comfortable, unbuttoned eatery that’s perfect for a cocktail, coffee, snack or even a full meal. We loved the inviting decor and delicious treats.
    325 Bowery



Peels: 325 Bowery