Dear Style Studio team,

I would like to buy two Courtland Club Chairs on Ballard for my work office.

I like the Asha Pewter fabric, but am leaning towards the Haviland Gray fabric. I would like to do an ottoman (the Courbe ottoman with hand applied nailheads) in a solid fabric as well as the Patton Desk Chair in a solid fabric that compliments whatever fabric I choose for the Courtland Club Chairs. I would like the same solid color on both the ottoman and the Patton Desk Chair.

I was hoping someone could help me match up what solid color to go with the Courtland chair fabrics that I am considering.

Also, I would love your recommendation as to which one to go with for the Courtland chairs (the Asha Pewter fabric or the Haviland Gray fabric) for my office.

Thank you,


Katherine Office


Either of the fabrics you have chosen for the Courtland Club Chair would be fabulous!

If you decide on the Asha Pewter fabric, we would recommend pairing it with Trilby Basketweave Drift.

If you choose the Haviland Gray fabric, then we would suggest Suzanne Kasler Linen Flax.

Either way you decide to go will be a brilliant outcome!

Asher Pewter with Trilby Basketweave Drift

Suzanna Kasler Linen Flax with Haviland Gray

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team