What a beautiful mirror! It is of a great quality and compliments the bowed shape of the windows and doorways of my house. It also opens up the space in a hallway reflecting the images of connecting rooms. I also can easily see who is by the front door being on the other side of the house, how convenient! The iron has lovely finish – brownish patchy staining on black.
As mentioned by other buyers this mirror is very heavy (appx 90-100 lbs) and requires 2-3 strong people to hang it. I purchased Power Hooks with the mirror and they seem to do the job; I can not imaging hanging it on a dry wall by the supplied hardware.
The delivery was smooth: J.B. Hunt delivery company contacted me as stated and set the most convenient time; the delivery driver called me half hour ahead to confirm delivery and it was promptly delivered in one piece. The packaging was great so the mirror had very little chance to be damaged as I feared before.
As a first time Ballard Designs customer I am very impressed with the product and the company.photo-2