Dear Style Studio,

I have an oriental rug that I’m trying to pick out drapery fabrics for to match. I am not sure if these work together.

I believe my style would be described as traditional … the walls are Martha Stewart’s Dried Chamomile (MSL-073), which is best described as a mustard yellow.

I’ll be able to match the colors, as these photos do not quite represent the correct colors of the rug, but I’m more curious about the patterns, or matching to an oriental rug.

Thanks for your help!


Trish Fabric Sample A

Fabric Selection A

Trish Rug

Rug Selection

Trish Fabric Sample B

Fabric Option B


Based on the four fabric images you submitted, we think the two selections shown above work the best.

Because Option A is such a tight pattern, it will “read” somewhat as a solid when made into drapery.

Option B has a simple geometric pattern that won’t fight with the rug pattern and will be somewhat diffused by the wall color.

To ground the various patterns within the space, we suggest introducing solid textiles … whether in pillows or on a single upholstered piece. A good option would be our Suzanne Kasler Camel Linen or our Canvas Rust.

Remember to add pieces with plenty of texture to provide dimensional layers within your area. It creates drama for the eyes!

Camel Linen

Danish Linen Honey

Similar Wall Color

Canvas Rust

Happy Decorating!

Style Studio Team