Before Photo of Room

I have a small office that I need a desk for my computer and papers. I choose the Genevieve desk but don’t know what finish to choose. I also need a chair to go with it. I like the Louis Chair, the problem is the finishes aren’t the same. What do I do? I can do the light finish or dark wood but I want it to look like a set. I also want arms with the chair, is that a mistake?

Sherry L.

Louis Side Chair

If you want a lighter look to the room – go with the off white.  We love the elegance of the look.  As far as the Louis Chair – we love mixing the wood colors.  It makes for an interesting room.  As far as the arms on the chair – that is a personal decision.  A Louis with no arms can be pushed under the desk and will take up less space.

Happy Decorating