You can instantly take your room’s décor to the next level when you learn how to effortlessly weave together texture, color and pattern. To show you how, we picked four of our best-selling rugs and paired them with fabrics and artwork to create a winning combination that you can easily recreate in your own home.

1.   Lauren Rug: Danish Linen Oatmeal, Queens Velvet Leaf, Ashford Paisley, Moroccan Stripe
Artwork: Set of 2 Orchid Song Floral

Lauren rug mix

With our show-stopping Lauren, it’s all about that fabulously vibrant green. Allow it to take center stage and use your textiles as supporting actors. Balance out the rug’s great graphic pattern with reassuring solids, such as a sofa in Danish Linen Oatmeal and an ottoman in Queens Velvet Leaf. Next, layer in small-scale accent prints featuring secondary colors from the rug: throw pillows in Ashford Paisley and Moroccan Stripe do the trick. The natural swoops and curves of paisley make a classic pairing with the geometric nature of stripes. The floral images repeat the same tones with graphic impact.

2. Perillo Rug: Augustine Amber, Burlap, Suzanne Kasler Mandarin Linen, Cheetah
Artwork: Set of 2 Antique Aviary Giclee Prints

Perillo Rug

Swirling vines in earthy shades of rust, terra-cotta and sage bring welcome warmth to a room. Pull from any of these colors and you’ve got yourself an instant palette. Use Augustine Amber in small doses—a fabric-covered bulletin board, for example—to continue the floral theme, and throw in a pop of color with Suzanne Kasler Mandarin Linen on an office chair. Our texture-rich, neutral Burlap helps bring it all down to earth—try it as a table topper or curtain panels. And you can never go wrong when you throw in a fun decorating neutral, like our ever-classic Cheetah. The jewel-toned bird studies continue the rich color and texture of our theme through to the walls.

3.   Gray Chevron Stripe Rug: Asha Pewter, Laguna Khaki, Callisto Stripe Gray, Trilby Basketweave Gray   Artwork: Peacock Tree Giclee

Chevron Rug

Chevron stripes are everywhere we look, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Have a little fun playing off those great zigzagging stripes by mixing in more pattern, such as our global powerhouse Asha Pewter, or the more funky Laguna Khaki. The subtly striped Callisto Stripe and neutral Trilby Basketweave Gray counter the weight of the patterns nicely—and both bring sophistication when upholstered on a sofa or settee. The modernist landscape is a perfect match in style and color.

4.   Valentino Rug: Desert Chenille, Suzanne Kasler Mineral Linen, Whitney Spa, Toffee Check
Artwork: Set of 2 After the Rain Prints

Valentino Rug

Prefer a more toned-down, monochromatic look? We have news for you: you can still play with pattern. The subtle light blue, latte gray and taupe color palette of our Valentina Rug provides the perfect base to build upon. Play off it with a chair upholstered in Suzanne Kasler Linen Mineral, throw pillows in the delightfully tonal Desert Chenille or Toffee Check and curtain panels in our Whitney Spa for a feminine touch. The set of prints pulls from the blue in the rug for a healthy dose of color that doesn’t overdo it.